House Rules pip Ninja Warrior at the post for the number one spot

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McDonald’s invent their own currency to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac

McDonald’s are celebrating 50 years of everyone’s guilty pleasure – the Big Mac – by debuting their own currency. While brands using their own form of cryptocurrency is “in” right now, Maccas have gone back to the good old days by introducing their currency in the form of a real-life coin. The concept is simple: Buy a Big Mac starting on August 2, and you could receive one of the 6.2 million MacCoins to be redeemed for another Big Mac later. The brass-colored collectibles, to be distributed at 14,000 participating restaurants in more than 50 countries, have design elements that highlight each decade of the Big Mac’s existence, starting with the 70s.

YouTube gives users what they want: vertical videos!

If you’re wondering why your YouTube pages look a little strange today, you’re not alone. YouTube has finally come around to the popularity of vertical video and is embracing the format on PCs.  Today the streaming giant pushed out an update to the platform that matches the aspect ratio of your content. This means, rather than forcing you to watch all of your videos in 16:9 and windowboxing  (surrounding them with black vertical or horizontal bars) anything that wasn’t to those specs, if you’re watching a vertical clip, YouTube will at least enlarge the video appropriately and scrap the dreaded black bars.

House Rules pip Ninja Warrior at the post for the number one spot

Program Station Audience
House Rules – Sunday Ch7 1,003,805
Australian Ninja Warrior – Sunday Ch9 985,319
Masterchef Australia – Monday Ch10 917,644
Masterchef Australia – Sunday Ch10 912,816
Masterchef Australia – Wednesday Ch10 906,214
Jack Irish ABC 891,867
Australian Ninja Warrior – Monday Ch9 889,155
Masterchef Australia – Tuesday Ch10 876,358
House Rules – Monday Ch7 829,248
House Rules – Tuesday Ch7 824,015

22/07/2018 – 28/07/2018

Tommy Hilfiger launch a new line of smart-clothing that rewards you for wearing it

Taking a leaf out of Pokemon Go’s handbook, Tommy Hilfiger is introducing a new rewards system in which customers can earn points for wearing their Tommy gear in certain locations. The label’s new Xplore line features clothing items that contain an embedded, low-energy, Bluetooth smart chip. When paired with the company’s Xplore iOS app, the chip will track when, and how often, customers wear the brand. Once you get over the fact that you are being tracked everywhere you go through your jumper, there is a pretty good incentive that comes out of it all. Earned points can be redeemed for gift cards, signed merchandise, Live Nation ConcertCash, and #TOMMYNOW runway show passes. Learn more about the Xplore range here.

You can now schedule your Google Assist to do things automatically ahead of time

Google have just announced two new features for Google Assist: Custom Routines and Schedules that are both focused on automating things that you do on a regular basis. Custom Routines lets you trigger multiple commands at once – for example, by simply uttering the phrase “Hey Google, I’m awake” this will trigger a myriad of things to occur from turning on the lights to reading out the news and unsilencing your phone. Schedules, on the other hand, are routines that you pre-load into the Google Assistant that are a series of commands programmed to kick into action at a specific time, on a specific day, without you needing to mutter a word.

Find out more on how the new features work here.

Whatsapp roll out a new group video calling feature

This week Whatsapp have announced that their group calling feature, with both voice and video support for up to four people, is live for users around the globe. The company have said it engineered the feature to work under poor network conditions and, as with all chats on the platform, the calls are end-to-end encrypted. The group calling video chat was a long time coming for Whatsapp, who first launched video chatting in 2016 and voice calling way back in 2014.

Kickstarter cram a drum machine into a bouncy ball to give you: Oddball

In an attempt to put a new spin on making music, Kickstarter launched their project “Oddball”. Comprised of a small bouncy ball and an accompanying app, the ball behaves as a percussion trigger, making noise whenever it is bounced off a surface. Within the app, users can assign a sound to the different types of bounces they are performing. The ball is pressure sensitive, meaning the harder you bounce it, the more “intense” the sound is. It might be a bit of a gimmick but it’s a pretty cool idea – watch it in action below.

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