Apple teases 70 new emoji for World Emoji Day

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Facebook helps brands engage with customers using AR

Facebook is using augmented reality to help brands better connect customers to their products. Some things just aren’t made for online shopping – makeup, sunglasses and jeans to name a few, but with Facebook’s new feature, users will be able to test specific products through ads with the optional “tap to try on” feature. Sephora, Bobbi Brown, Pottery Barn and Wayfair, are among the many brands that are creating their own AR-enabled ads to run on Facebook in the coming months.

Citroën go to new heights to provide comfort for their customers

Do you have difficulty reading whilst embarking on long road trips? Does simply looking at a rocky boat at sea make you queasy? You’re not alone. Car maker Citroën conducted studies on the condition of motion sickness and found that one in three people experience motion sickness symptoms at least once in their life. In line with their mantra of “providing comfort for all”, the French automobile manufacturer created SEETROËN – fluid filled glasses that eliminate motion sickness by tricking the wearer’s brain into seeing a level stable horizon. And they are fashionable too.

Big crowds tune in to watch QLD fight off the blues

Program  Station Audience
State of Origin Rugby League QLD V NSW – Match 3 Ch9 1,754,417
Australian Ninja Warrior – Sunday Ch9 995,319
Jack Irish ABC 928,417
Masterchef Australia – Monday Ch10 905,744
Australia Ninja Warrior – Monday Ch9 889,810
House Rules – Sunday Ch7 888,921
Australia Ninja Warrior – Tuesday Ch9 852,946
House Rules – Monday Ch7 826,471
Have you been paying attention? Ch10 823,620
Masterchef Australia – Tuesday Ch10 821,701

08/07/2018 – 14/07/2018

UN partners with Google to fight climate change

On Monday, the UN announced that it would be partnering up with Google in the fight against climate change. How, you may ask? Whether climate change gets better or worse over time, Google and the UN hope to be able to use the information gained through this partnership to develop appropriate plans of action in the future. Google will be assisting the UN by offering up their cloud computing technology and “earth observation public catalogs” to the organization. Read more about the partnership here.

Apple teases 70 new emoji for World Emoji Day

Emojis may seem like trivial icons used for relatively unimportant conversations, but they are actually a powerful communication tool. Beyond that, they are adored and heavily used by Apple users across the globe for all kinds of online communication. Apple fans are so invested in the icons, that the sneak peek of 70 new emoji caused hype internationally on World Emoji Day. This new batch of emoji aims to up inclusion and representation, particularly for various Asian cultures. The new set of emoji is scheduled to hit iOS devices later this year and include two new superheroes, a mango, a moon cake, four new major hair options, a kangaroo (finally) and many more.

Uber teams up with Spike Lee to revamp their company culture

In an attempt to restore their company culture, Uber have put together a mini-series in collaboration with activist director, Spike Lee, illustrating how the ridesharing platform celebrates the diversity of its drivers. A trailer for the mini-series entitled “Da Republic of Brooklyn” gives viewers a sneak peak of the mini-series which follows Spike Lee on a journey with five Brooklyn-based Uber drivers as they set out to chase their dreams. Watch it here:

Instagram TV turns back the clock to long form video

Before Instagram TV (IGTV), the social platform’s users were limited to videos that were one minute or less. Publishers and brands have been among the first to use IGTV, the new long-form video format that can be accessed both via Instagram and through its own standalone app. After launching last month, brands, celebrities and publishers have been doing some pretty weird and wonderful things in an attempt to further connect with their followers. With shortened attention spans it will be interesting to see how the turn back to long form will be taken by users of the platform.

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