National Geographic create an iceberg made of plastic

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“Bacoin” lets you exchange cryptocurrency for bacon!

American meat and cold cut production company, Oscar Mayer, have jumped on board the cryptocurrency trend with their interactive marketing campaign that gives customers the power to cash in on bacon and increase the value of their ‘investments’ by spreading the word on social. As a part of the company’s promotion, participants who visit a special microsite every day, have the chance to win “slices” of Bacoin, which can be saved up and cashed in for real Oscar Mayer bacon. This campaign is a great example of interactive marketing, as it allows users to “impact” the value of Bacoin themselves by sharing the promotion on Twitter or email, which increases their “investments.”

National Geographic create an iceberg made of plastic

“18 billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” reads the June 2018 cover of National Geographic. The “Planet or Plastic” campaign features an iceberg resembling a plastic bag and perfectly illustrates just how much plastic ends up in the ocean each year. The campaign “aims to reduce global reliance on single-use plastics” and as part of the initiative, National Geographic has swapped the magazine’s plastic wrappers in the U.S., United Kingdom and India for paper. While this initiative won’t save the planet, it’s an example of the relatively easy action action that every company and person can take to help make a real change.

Millions tune in to watch Harry and Meghan tie the knot

Program Station Audience
Harry and Meghan – The Royal Wedding Ch9 1,475,217
Harry and Meghan – The Royal Wedding – Post Wedding Special Ch9 1,147,625
The Voice – Sunday Ch9 1,051,240
Harry and Meghan – The Royal Wedding – Pre Wedding Special Ch9 973,519
The Voice – Monday Ch9 879,514
Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted To You – Part 1 Ch7 878,857
Masterchef Australia – Monday Ch10 820,085
Masterchef Australia – Sunday Ch10 812,499
Have you been paying attention? Ch10 807,329
Masterchef Australia – Tuesday Ch10 803,483

13/05/2018 – 19/05/2018

Ikea goes Royal

The royal wedding generated a lot of hype over the weekend, with many women across the globe tuning in to watch Prince Harry officially be taken off the market. IKEA perfectly tapped into this fad by swooping in and offering to bring its customers the next best thing – their chair, called Harry. But the quirky wedding references don’t end there – IKEA has also taken advantage of the royal event to push their food container that comes in handy “when you’re stuck with the leftover cake from 600 wedding guests.” Although a little cheesy, the minimalist ads remained in line with their usual creative strategy, making the wedding references seem more natural than other brands who tried to capitalize on the event.

Coca-Cola introduces beverages to Bluetooth

Meet the Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 – the company’s brand new soft drink machine which allows users to connect via Bluetooth and the Freestyle mobile app. Building on from the earlier version of Coca-Cola Freestyle, which had innovative touch screens and close to 200 drink options, the 9100 will allow users to concoct their own beverages from their own mobile devices. Oh, and make sure it’s ready to pour when they want it. The innovative update is to make sure the platform stays current and contemporary, while recognizing that choice and customization preferences are here to stay. The machine is expected to roll out in the U.S. in 2019.

YouTube releases a new music streaming service

Youtube have cashed in on what is perceived to be a growing market in the tech and digital-media space, releasing it’s “Youtube Music” platform, the site’s new music streaming service. The video sharing platform is taking Spotify head on,  closely mirroring the market leader’s current product, giving users the option to pay $9.99 (the same as Spotify) for an ad free experience or a free version that runs Trueview skippable ads as well as non-skippable ads in-stream. The new service will offer “… official songs, albums, thousands of playlists and artist radio, plus YouTube’s tremendous catalogue of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos… all simply organised and personalised”. The new home screen adapts to the user’s listening history, location and recent activity to provide relevant recommendations.

RED to release the first holographic phone

RED, a company known for it’s high-end digital cinema cameras are preparing to launch the Hydrogen phone, with a fully “holographic display”. Claiming to be the first of it’s kind, the phone’s holographic display will be able to switch between 2D and 3D content without the need for glasses. The two largest U.S wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon will sell RED Hydrogen One in the US Summer 2018. See how the phone works below.


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