Amazon uses 3D body scanning to create the perfect fit

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Ikea creates the ‘sleepiest print ad ever’

After conducting research on sleep patterns in the UAE and finding approximately nine in ten people struggle to get the ideal eight hours of sleep a night, Ikea took it upon themselves to rectify this statistic by creating SÖMNIG. Swedish for sleep,  SÖMNIG has been designed to mimic what Ikea’s range of beds and mattresses set out to do – give you a great night’s sleep. By simply removing the ad from the magazine, switching it on and placing it next to their bed, users can lay back and relax while white noise frequency is emitted into the room – a proven method in aiding sleep. Watch SÖMNIG in action below.

Amazon uses 3D body scanning to create the perfect fit

How many times have you ordered an item of clothing online, only to find it doesn’t fit properly? For many online companies, apparel returns are hugely costly for brands that offer free shipping and warehouse processing. Amazon are attempting to reduce these costs as well as lesson clothing waste on a wider scale by making 3D models of human bodies, which will then be processed through the company’s sizing algorithm to create a way for customers to virtually try on clothes and shop for styles that are better fitted to their body shape. Learn more about Amazon’s 3D body scanning here.

MKR continues to dominate the ratings

Program Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules – Sunday Ch7 1,281,343
My Kitchen Rules – Tuesday Ch7 1,228,735
My Kitchen Rules – Wednesday Ch7 1,220,535
My Kitchen Rules – Thursday Ch7 1,184,828
The Voice – Sunday Ch9 1,107,983
My Kitchen Rules – Monday Ch7 1,102,513
The Voice – Tuesday Ch9 1,013,235
The Voice – Monday Ch9 905,037
Bachelor in Paradise – The Proposal Ch10 774,058
Home and Away Ch7 744,617

29/04/2018 – 05/05/2018

Instagram reveals upcoming music feature

Everyone’s favourite photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, is preparing to let us add music to our Stories! In an attempt to make its Stories more interesting than Snapchat’s, “music stickers” will allow us to search for and add songs to our posts. Starting with Spotify, SoundCloud and GoPro, third-party apps can now let their users share to their Instagram Stories. On top of this, Instagram is also testing a way to automatically detect a song that you’re listening to and display the artist and song title.

This energy service automatically switches you to the best deal available

Are you confident that you are using the most cost effective provider for your energy service? Australian consumer group Choice, have just launched a service that compares prices from electricity retailers, monitors them for 12 months and then automatically switches subscribers to the best deal available. is perfect for home owners young and old who aren’t sure what they should be paying for electricity. Consumers simply upload a recent power bill and find out how much they could save by switching to a new service based on a price comparison from 33 providers. Learn more about the service here.

Facebook helps us bring photos and videos to life

Since Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality startup Oculus VR back in 2014, the tech giant has been investing in ways to bring VR to the social platform. This week, head of the social VR team Rachel Franklin presented a feature that turns 2D photos into virtual memories. Facebook says the tech uses “photogrammetry” to create 3D space from flat photos or videos—the idea being that users could ‘enter’ into a past experience and relive a memory. Watch the video below to see a prototype of the new feature.

YouTube helps Land Rover celebrate its 70th birthday

Last Monday was a special day for the Land Rover brand as they celebrated 70 years since the first Land Rover was revealed at the 1948 Amsterdam auto show. 7,357,676 SUVs later, Land Rover decided to celebrate the occasion with a special live broadcast on YouTube where viewers were treated to scenes of adventure, tough work, and humanitarian aid—all things Land Rover has been apart of over 70 years. Additionally, the brand showcased some of its most memorable models as it told the story of how Land Rover came to exist after World War II. The broadcast also included special insight from engineers, designers, Camel Trophy drivers, restorers, and explorers to help tell the Land Rover story.

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