Dove partners with the Cartoon Network to create body-positive characters

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Instagram to launch new QR code feature

Instagram is currently testing a new feature called “Nametags” that will enable users to create a unique image for their profile that others can scan with the Instagram stories camera to follow them. Once launched, Nametags will make it easier for people to visually promote their Instagram accounts, with the ability to post their Nametags across other social media platforms as well as printing it onto posters or making merchandise out of it. Nametags is the second feature since the launch of Instagram Stories that the platform has replicated from Snapchat, who launched their Nametag equivelant back in 2015, known as”Snapcodes”.

This AI Bonsai could be your new best friend

While growing and curating Bonsai trees is a hobby that has long been associated with stress relief qualities, providing luck in the workplace and emanating a peaceful energy in any room they are present in, Japanese tech company TDK have managed to find yet another use for the tiny trees. BonsAI is an artificially intelligent plant that functions as a friend, pet and greenery all at once. The interactive miniature tree features a soil sensor that detects when it needs watering, an LED panel that conveys its emotional state and an axis sensor that permits it to search for optimal sunlight exposure. Basically the plant takes care of itself and all you need to do is water it occasionally and appreciate its beauty. Don’t you wish all gardening was this easy? View the Bonsai in action below.


Commonwealth Games begin with a splash

Program Station Audience
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Opening Ceremony Ch7 2,006,140
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Countdown Show – Wednesday Ch7 1,382,912
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Thursday Night Session 1 Ch7 1,239,225
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Thursday Night Session 2 Ch7 1,168,538
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Friday Night Session 2 Ch7 1,089,502
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Friday Night Session 1 Ch7 1,013,823
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Saturday Night Session 1 Ch7 979,342
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Saturday Night Session 2 Ch7 972,940
Young Sheldon Ch9 935,042
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games: Highlights – Wednesday Ch7 921,571

01/04/2018 – 07/04/2018

Bike-sharing on the horizon for Uber

Uber announced on Monday it was acquiring the bike-sharing company, Jump, a San Francisco based company known for its red frames and battery-powered boost. The acquisition of Jump will form Uber Bike, moving the ride sharing service away from solely cars in their transport offerings. Ryan Rzepecki, the CEO of Jump said in a post about the deal that he was excited to pair with Uber as the two companies shared the same vision of “multi-modal mobility and had the same goal of decreasing car ownership.”

Moldy ad illustrates how knowledge ages quickly

To attract people to a local marketing conference and a Ukraine agency created an out-of-home ad illustrated how quickly knowledge becomes dated, by growing actual mold. The ad featured a large edition of a marketing text book that was covered with millions of mold spores before being encased in an ad display in a commercial location. Inside the display, the mold grew rapidly and covered the book in a disgusting yet beautiful way. Apparently, growing mold isn’t as easy as you might think – the installment required a microbiologist to help create the ideal climate for mold growth.

Dove partners with the Cartoon Network to create body-positive characters

Dove and the Cartoon Network have partnered to counteract unhealthy messaging aimed at children with a focus on positive body image in their latest show Steven Universe. The companies have launched a two-year global partnership that uses the TV show to encourage children to have more confidence in their bodies in a way that entertains and educates. The content for the show was co-created by the Cartoon Network and body image expert Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs to make sure the cartoons were realistic and inclusive. The new partnership is aligned with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project, which has been running since 2004. Watch the trailer for Steven Universe below.


Find out if Cambridge Analytica has your data

Last week, Facebook revealed that 87 million users could have had their data improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica. So are you part of that figure? Facebook is making it easy for you to find out. The feature is listed in the company’s help centre. Just do a search for “Cambridge” on the search bar and the next page will let you know if your information was shared via the “This is your digital life” app. Since the announcement, Facebook has been on constant crisis-control and is now launching a data abuse bounty program to report app developers.

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