Drones fly the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week

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De-stress at work in a sensory reality pod

Sometimes work can get a little overwhelming and a 10 minute walk outside isn’t always the answer to reduce stress. Sensiks is a Dutch startup company creating sensory booths that immerse people in relaxing sights, scents, temperatures and sounds to help them de-stress at work. Each 2.4m tall by 1.4m wide sensory reality pod includes a VR headset that provides visuals for the experience. Users take a step into the pod and are immediately teleported to scenes of their choice, from the beach to a trip through a rainforest. The AI learning technology of the pods can also tailor the experience to a particular user’s mood and preferences. Watch the video below:

Take the media out of social media with Feedless

While everyone is designing more and more apps to promote new uses for your phone, one has been created to help us step away from our devices. Ryan Orbuch’s Feedless app blocks the feed from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter on Safari, leaving behind just the skeleton of those apps. Orbuch says his goal was “to remove the most time-sucking feature of social media and leave all the useful stuff like messaging and events.” With many studies around the “dark side” of social media coming to a head the app couldn’t have come at a better time – pushing back against phone addiction, without asking anyone to give up their device. Feedless launches on the App store this week.



MAFS steals hearts across the nation

Program Station Audience
Married At First Sight – Sunday Ch9 1,451,691
Married At First Sight – Wednesday Ch9 1,338,422
Married At First Sight – Monday Ch9 1,293,096
My Kitchen Rules – Sunday Ch7 1,264,943
Married At First Sight – Tuesday Ch9 1,231,196
My Kitchen Rules – Monday Ch7 1,121,379
My Kitchen Rules – Thursday Ch7 1,117,934
My Kitchen Rules – Tuesday Ch7 988,070
My Kitchen Rules – Wednesday Ch7 945,899
Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games: Night 9 Ch7 942,138

18/02/2018 – 24/02/2018

Drones fly the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week

Just when models thought their careers were safe by perfecting their catwalk, technology has stepped (flown) in with the answer to a trip-free parade. At Milan Fashion Week on Sunday, Dolce & Gabbana wowed the crowd with a memorable opener that replaced human fashion models with drones. Seven of the copters hovered along the runway, showcasing the latest in D&G handbags. Guests were asked to switch their WiFi off for the duration of the show to reduce the chance of any interference affecting the drone flights which delayed uploads to social media channels by at least 5-10 minutes. Watch the show below.


Molly knows more about your friends than you do

Could you confidently say that you personally know every “friend” you have on Facebook? The new startup Molly, launched by the creator of the #hashtag, Chris Messina will soon enable you to know details about your Facebook friends simply by asking the question. Molly works by scraping data from various social media channels to generate a centralised database for every individual user. While many will say Molly is taking privacy one step closer to extinction, if it is used properly it could be an extremely useful tool for all of us, with the capacity to suggest a meeting place for friends based on data collated of both parties’ preferences. Learn more about Molly here.


AI helps us put a face to the name

Neuroscientists at Canada’s University of Toronto Scarborough are using AI to reconstruct images based on brain perception. In other words they are using technology to read our minds and re-creating images of the faces we see. A series of tests were carried out where subjects were hooked up to EEG brainwave-reading equipment and shown images of faces. While this happened, their brain activity was recorded and then analysed using machine learning algorithms. Impressively, the researchers were able to use this information to digitally re-create the face image stored in the person’s mind. This technology literally puts a face to a name and could really benefit most of us in a social setting. Learn more about how this technology works below.

YouTube Live is now on the map

YouTube has just introduced more ways to connect creators to their community through a whole host of new live updates. These updates include the ability to geo-tag live videos, using Super Chats to trigger internet-connected devices, automatic captioning and chat replay. Adding an optional geo-tag before live-streaming from a smartphone allows YouTubers to share their location and viewers to explore more videos shared from the same location. For those who want to relive some classic conversations during a live video now have the ability to replay messages appearing at the same time-stamp as when those messages came in during the stream. Find out more about the latest YouTube updates here.

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