The Ashes Second Test bats a winner

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Order dinner from the dashboard of your GM car

General Motors (GM) have combined commerce, convenience and road safety into their new marketplace feature. The feature will enable owners of vehicles that have 4G connectivity to order and pay for food, book restaurants, pay for parking or pay for petrol using the touchscreen inside their vehicle. There are some limits to functionality in place to allow the function to be used while driving, with only a few choices for customers to select on each storefront. For example, tapping the McDonalds icon would give a few favourite meal options or a current special, with customers able to update those favourites through their smartphone when they’re not behind the wheel.

Facebook launches messenger for kids

Facebook has just launched a privacy-focused app that aims to neutralise child predators on social media applications. The result is “Messenger Kids”, aimed at kids under 13 who can’t sign up under Facebook guidelines. Parents are the ‘gatekeepers’ of the app and have full control over how their children can use it. Kids will need friend approval and won’t be able to delete their own messages – making it essentially an extension of the parental figures account. It won’t show ads or collect data for marketing either and will focus on the lighter sides of the tool like talking to friends, being in the family group chat, using emojis and playing with face filters.

The Ashes Second Test bats a winner

Program Station Audience
The Ashes: Second Test – AUS V ENG Session 3 Ch9 1,341,308
The Good Doctor Ch7 1,122,976
The Ashes: Second Test – AUS V ENG Session 2 Ch9 1,097,207
The Ashes: Second Test – AUS V ENG Session 3 – Rain Delay Ch9 1,054,051
Air Rescue Ch7 649,986
The Ashes: Second Test – AUS V ENG – Post Match Ch9 647,726
Home and Away Ch7 640,508
War on Waste ABC 627,979
The Ashes: Second Test – AUS V ENG Session 1 Ch9 607,762
Border Patrol Ch7 593,887

Is the world going crypto-crazy?

Recent news has been inundated with stories of markets going crypto-crazy, with Bitcoin leading the pack of new financial products. The volatile and quick rise of the currency initially sparked concerns due to its unpredictable nature and the lack of substantial investor protection. However, this hasn’t stopped Bitcoin’s steady success, as it has just been announced as ‘tradable’ on the world’s largest futures exchange (CBOE). It’s expected that this will mean the price for bitcoin will stabilize and hasten its adoption by Wall Street. The move will also likely ease regulators’ views towards the digital currency, which could lead to more approvals of future products.

Apple acquires an audio bargain with Shazam

Apple has acquired Shazam, an application that allows users to identify music, films, television, and ads from short audio clips. Apple scored it for a bargain price of $400 million which is less than than half of the 1 billion it was valued at during the applications last funding round. The bargain was mainly due to the app finding difficulties implementing a workable business model. Despite this, it will help Apple improve their Apple Music experience, as well as the integration of sound recognition technology within iOS, just as Google has done with song recognition on the Pixel. A natural fit, the mix of music discovery and user experience will no-doubt enrich both platforms.

Tour your Airbnb accommodation before booking with AR

Many types of brands are coming up with innovative ways to use augmented reality, and Airbnb is one of them after they announced their plans to implement AR into their booking service. The feature will allow holiday goers to get a close look at the spaces in their holiday destinations so they can choose the right one for them before they go on a trip. The company plans to use 3D scans and 360 photos to let guests explore the listings and cities to better orient themselves before they set off on the holiday. Whilst still aspirational, a more in-depth understanding of its implementation within the app is expected to be released soon.

Track your potato chips all the way back to the farm

Potato chip brand giant, Kettle, has settled the age old question; what came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, it’s definitely the potato, and customers can now track down where their chips came from. Named the Tater Track, 10 to 14 digit codes have been placed below the ‘best before’ stamp, and when entered on Kettle’s website, they get to learn about one of the farmers who grew that ingredient in their specific bag of chips.

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