Hurdl’s LED wristbands track audience data

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Quidd lets collectors house their passion digitally

You probably grew up collecting some sort of tangible object and new app Quidd wants to bring that passion back online. Quidd lets users collect digital objects, such as stickers, GIFS and 3D toys (mainly themed around fan worlds such as Star Trek) by purchasing them through their virtual marketplace. To keep things interesting, Quidd doesn’t resupply any items, meaning users have to pay attention to the marketplace so they don’t miss out. Items vary from $0.03 to $40 and users can trade with each other if they need to complete their collection.

Brands can now use Snapchat’s Context Cards to link ads to their sites

A month after Snapchat rolled out Context Cards, which add extra information to people’s Snaps, the app has opened it up to brands. Brands who buy Sponsored Lens and Sponsored Geofilter campaigns can attach Context Cards to their ads so people can swipe-and-tap to visit their sites through Snapchat’s in-app browser. Snapchat will provide advertisers with basic stats on how people are using their Context Cards, however brands can also configure their links to do their own conversation tracking. The feature is available in the US and will roll out to other countries early next year.

The Good Doctor must be good

Program Station Audience
The Good Doctor Ch7 1,187,014
Doc Martin ABC 1,096,930
The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC 1,028,471
The Good Doctor – Thurs Ch7 1,005,152
Gruen ABC 841,305
Have you been paying attention? Ch10 738,449
The Wall Ch7 737,153
Home and Away Ch7 705,425
Instant Hotel – Tues Ch7 694,762
Instant Hotel – Thurs Ch7 686,953

Air date: 6/11 – 12/11

Hurdl’s LED wristbands track audience data

As the number of people who attend live music and festivals increases, event companies have identified an opportunity to track fan data so that they can better engage with them in real time later. The Pixl is a wearable LED device developed by Hurdl. Inc. that glows during concerts while analysing fan data. The armband is distributed to concert attendees and in order to activate it, they must answer a series of questions through SMS. Once the Pixl is activated, it will glow a different colour based on the user’s answers with 16 million colour options available. Participants are then treated to free downloads and prizes post-concert, which can also help to drive online traffic after the event.

“Alexa, I’m Home”

Amazon has just announced ‘Alexa Routines’, which allows the voice-activated assistant to be more customisable and personal than ever. The new feature means users can program Alexa to remember to complete certain actions when they say a specific phrase, such as turning on the lights when the user says, “Alexa, I’m home.”. The update means that even similar command phrases could have completely different meanings between devices, making them much more tailored to personal preferences. At this stage, the integration only works wish some smart devices.

Order the next round of drinks from a Chatbot

Attempting to get the waiter’s attention in a busy bar can, at times, seem near impossible. Pepsi has stepped in with an answer to make the process 100x easier – and enjoyable at the same time. They’ve developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot who goes by the name of “Pepsi Bottler”. Pepsi Bottler can be accessed either by entering a provided Pepsi Messenger code or simply searching for the chatbot in the Messenger app. From here, you simply start a conversation with the bot to place your drink order. Avoid queues and receive drinks on demand – doesn’t sound half bad.

Google adds wait times for restaurants in search and maps

Hesitant to visit the new restaurant down the road for fear of missing out on a table? Trying to figure out the best time to eat a meal at a popular restaurant can be an annoying experience. Google has stepped in to make it easier to plan your outings by not only providing directions and traffic conditions in their Maps app, but also approximate wait times for a million restaurants around the world. You can access this tool by searching for a specific restaurant then clicking on the ‘Popular Times’ section to see the estimated wait in real time.

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