Fridges are jumping on the selfie bandwagon

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Walmart introduces robots to restock store shelves

American grocery chain, Walmart, has delegated the mundane job of restocking shelves to their new instore robot which is programmed to detect when stock gets low. It has been reported that the robot that roams the aisles all day scanning shelves performs the task 50% better than employees. The two-foot tall robots are fitted with cameras to scan aisles and check stock, identifying missing, misplaced, mislabelled and mispriced items. The robots can then send that information to employees who will ultimately fix the issue at hand. Is this something we will likely see in all supermarkets in the near future?

Audi billboards change based on environmental conditions

Audi’s new series of outdoor advertisements are tapping into drivers’ subconscious by tailoring their creative based on environmental conditions. Depending on the time of day, weather and traffic frequency, Audi’s billboards will adjust to suit. For example, drivers tackling the evening commute home through a torrential downpour may see an advertisement pop up about Audi’s all-wheel drive technology during a storm.

The Bachelorette Finale wins fans hearts

Program Station Audience
The Bachelorette Australia Grand Finale – The Final Decision TEN Five City 1,643,071
The Block – Sunday NINE Five City 1,585,957
The Bachelorette Australia Grand Finale TEN Five City 1,315,884
The Bachelorette Australia – Wednesday TEN Five City 1,179,783
The Block – Tuesday NINE Five City 1,173,918
The Best Rooms of the Block NINE Five City 1,173,795
The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC Five City 1,085,651
Doc Martin ABC Five City 1,041,801
Gogglebox TEN Five City 954,494
Seven’s 2017 Rugby League World Cup – Post Match SEVEN Five City 954,139
Gruen ABC Five City 848,433
Seven’s 2017 Rugby League World Cup – Night SEVEN Five City 846,744

Air date: 22.10.17 – 28.10.17

Fridges are jumping on the selfie bandwagon

Gone are the days of shopping lists or attempting to remember the contents of your fridge while you’re wandering the aisles of Coles or Woolies. ‘Shelfies’ are now a revelation to owners of Samsung and Bosch refrigerators, as they are fitted with internal cameras to assist customers in knowing exactly what they’ve got at home and what they need to buy. The feature varies slightly by brand, but pretty much, the fridge is fitted with cameras and will send a picture straight to your mobile of the inside of your fridge

Instagram is testing a stop-motion camera for Stories

Days after releasing its Superzoom creative tool into the wild, Instagram has introduced yet another new feature for users to play with: Stop Motion. Stop Motion is a camera tool that lets you take a long series of photos that Instagram then strings together into a GIF that you can post to your story. After the year Instagram spent cloning almost every aspect of Snapchat, it is exciting to see Instagram experimenting more and more features. The success of its looping Boomerang format encouraged the company to introduce Superzooms, its Dramatic Chipmunk-style extreme close-ups. The Stop Motion tool could inspire similar creativity.

eBay lets you use images to search for products

Do you have a vision of exactly what product you’re after, but can’t find the words to describe what it is? eBay has come to the rescue with new image-recognition features available on its mobile app. Shoppers can now search eBay’s listings using pictures instead of words. Computer vision and deep learning have been implemented to make it easier to find items, with uploaded images processed by a convolutional neural network.

Nissan electrical vehicles can turn engine noises into song

So you aren’t actually going to be driving around in a life-size UE boom speaker but Nissan has taken a step into the future with a new addition to electric vehicles. The “Canto” (Latin for ‘I sing’) feature has been developed as an alert sound to help with pedestrian safety and varies in tone and pitch depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, braking or reversing. Check out the video for Canto below.

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