The AFL Grand Final kicks goals

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Target adds Pinterest Lens to help shoppers find their products

Have you ever stumbled across the perfect design addition to your home and then been unable to find something like it online? Target and Pinterest are teaming up to ensure shoppers never face this dilemma with a new visual search option. By integrating Pinterest’s Lens function into its own app, Target shoppers can now take pictures of items they like out in the real world, and find similar items on the website. The company is the first retailer to bring Pinterest Lens directly into their apps and experiences, creating an ‘easier way for our guests to explore, discover and buy’ Target products.

Dating app lets you flirt in AR

New dating app FlirtAR, pronounced “flirter,” works by using geolocation to find people close by who meet your designated criteria. As you move your phone around, little bubbles with people’s pictures pop up based on where you’re looking. There’s also a facial recognition feature, so if you see someone you’re interested in, you can scan them and the app will tell you whether they’re an active user. Although it’s still probably not as efficient as just walking up and talking to someone you think is attractive and slightly stalkerish, it’s an interesting spin on the larger apps like Bumble and Tinder which are far more static interfaces.

The AFL Grand Final kicks goals

Program Station Audience
Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Adelaide VS Richmond Ch7 2,549,908
Seven’s AFL: Grand Final: Presentations Ch7 2,513,053
Seven’s AFL: Grand Final Post Match Ch7 2,008,528
The Block – Sun Ch9 1,469,875
The Block – Tues Ch9 1,215,429
The Block – Mon Ch9 1,211,580
The Block – Wed Ch9 1,142,355
Little Big Shots Ch7 1,096,856
2017 AFL Brownlow Medal Ch7 987,209
The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC 903,176

24.09 – 30.09

Snapchat launches 3D World Lenses for advertisers

Snapchat has announced it is opening its World Lenses augmented reality feature to brands. This means that companies can create their very own 3D characters or products, like the viral Dancing Hot Dog, and users will be able to add it to their real-world scenes using the Snapchat camera. Warner Bros has already used the feature to promote their new movie, ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ and Bud Light has created a replica of a beer vendor man from their TV campaign. Almost every brand has some kind of mascot or object that will work well in an interactive experience and this ad format could be a natural way to bring brand properties into a user’s real-world interaction. The World Lenses ad format won’t be available through the self-serve ad platform, but will have to go through Snap’s direct sales team.

iOS 11 update can help reduce driver distraction

Smartphones are continuously getting smarter and the iOS 11 update for the iPhone can restrict you from being irresponsible while you’re driving. If enabled, the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature mutes phone calls, notifications and text messages, keeping your phone stagnant when it automatically detects the acceleration of a vehicle. The beauty of the feature is that it doesn’t totally cut you off. You can set an automated text message that lets people know you’re driving if they try to contact you. You can also enable it to turn on whenever it connects to a car via Bluetooth and you’ll still have access to hands-free. Don’t fret if you’re a passenger either, you’ll still be able to do all your smartphone activities by letting your phone know you’re not driving. If you have an iPhone, you can turn this feature on in Settings > Do Not Disturb. 

Yamaha’s smart piano teaches you how to play

Learning an instrument can be a daunting feat for many of us, so Yamaha have created a smart piano to cut the time and patience required to learn the piano. The Clavinova is the company’s first piano that integrates with an iOS device and the Smart Pianist app. When the two are connected, the tablet teaches the user how to play tracks in real-time by indicating what keys to press on the piano. Red lights appear at the top of the white keys and blue lights appear at the top of the black keys as the player stays on top of the beat and sees what note to hit next. Also, if you can already read music, a chord chart will be shown on the device in real-time for whatever song you’re playing.

Land Rover takes test-driving off-road

A quick spin around the block is as far as most car dealerships will let you take their models during a test drive, but Land Rover wants customers to be able to experience their cars in the environments that they were made for: the rugged outdoors. The company has recently started allowing customers to take out their models to drive on off-road courses to really put the cars through their paces – complete with 45-degree inclines, rock crawls and wading pools. So, who wants to go for a test-drive?

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