LG builds a dishwasher-themed water park

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Buzzfeed’s new smart cook top syncs with their recipe app

The Tasty One Top is Buzzfeed’s first smart appliance, which syncs up with their immensely popular cooking brand, Tasty, to help you perfectly prepare a meal. The One Top is a Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop that aims to take the guesswork out of cooking. The appliance keeps track of the surface temperature of pots and pans placed on top of it, and can accurately hold temperatures of liquid and pan surfaces. And it gets interesting. The One Top works in conjunction with an accompanying Tasty app, which includes a database of over 1,700 video recipes. The app communicates with the cook top via Bluetooth to control its temperature, relative to the stage you are in cooking a chosen recipe. The One Top also works in unison with the app to alert the chef when it’s time to add ingredients, flip something or when your steak is cooked. And why the pentagon shape? Because Instagram.

Apple launches Instagram account to share ‘Shot on iPhone’ content

Apple has finally jumped on the Instagram band wagon by creating an official account on the platform, with the obvious handle @apple. Instead of using the platform to showcase its own product and expertise, Apple is using the new account as an extension of the “Shot on iPhone” billboard ad campaign by sharing photos taken by its smartphone users.  The profile is entirely comprised of curated content and includes galleries made up of videos and photos from a range of different photographers. Galleries include captions from the creative owners, along with their own Instagram handles giving them a large platform to showcase their work. Apple invites all iPhone owners to share their own photography on Instagram using the #ShotoniPhone hashtag. Bringing the campaign to Instagram will allow the company to gather an endless amount of content to share.

This Time Next Year is happening today

Program Station Audience
This Time Next Year Ch9 1,280,431
The Block – Mon Ch9 1,257,553
The Block – Launch Ch9 1,183,147
The Block – Tues Ch9 1,044,196
The Block – Wed Ch9 982,747
Home and Away Ch7 752,734
The Bachelor Australia – Thurs Ch10 726,029
The Force – Behind the Line Ch7 723,305
Border Security – Australia’s Front Line Ch7 723,140
Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell ABC 721,980


30/07 – 05/08

Disney uses facial recognition to track how you’re enjoying a movie

Entertainment is a lucrative industry, so it is no shock that companies are investing in facial recognition technology to help understand audience’s reactions to what they see on screen. A system from Caltech and Disney Research uses factorized variational auto-encoders (FVAEs) to track facial expressions of viewers to assess their emotional reactions. The technology can capture complex expressions in motion, if the audiences are laughing, when they are supposed to laugh and for how long. Researchers use infrared cameras to film the audiences of movies (such as Disney’s Zootopia) in order to build a dataset of millions of facial landmarks to feed into a neural network. The resulting AI system was later tested on other audiences and was able to predict when they would smile or laugh. We’ll have to wait and see how Disney uses this collection of data as market research.

LG builds a dishwasher-themed water park

As part of Citi Summer Streets, an annual summer festival in New York, LG has created a water attraction inspired by its new LG QuadWash dishwasher. The water park situated on a block in New York’s Upper East Side is roughly the size of two and a half tennis courts and features a maze of plates, cups and spoon slides. As participants reach the end of the course, they are met with 4 giants spray arms which replicate the new dishwasher’s four spray arm technology.  The water park creates a splash for visitors while promoting how the LG QuadWash stands apart from competitors by having four arms, instead of the industry standard two. This means more coverage to get the dishes clean the first time and more saturated participants at the water attraction.

Friendly LG robots will guide you around Seoul airport

In preparation for next year’s Winter Olympics in South Korea, LG has provided Seoul airport with a fleet of robot helpers to help with the influx of passengers. There are two different types of robots that are in service: an Airport Guide Robot and an Airport Cleaning Robot. The first will help visitors navigate the airport, and lead passengers to their gate with a barcode scan. It is also powered by LG’s speech recognition platform and will speak and understand Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, and can take tourists to restaurants and shops within the premises.  The Cleaning Robot, unsurprisingly, cleans. Using the same technology found in LG’s home vacuum machines, it ‘detects areas that require the most frequent cleaning,’ stores this data and deciphers the quickest routes to these locations.

YouTube rolls out direct messenger for sharing videos

To make it easier to share videos, YouTube has launched a new feature that allows users to direct message any videos on the site to friends and family through private conversations. Previously, users had to copy the video link and paste it into another messaging platform to pass it on. Along with sharing your favourite YouTube videos, the feature also allows users to start a chat, send emojis and create group chats (much like any other messenger tool). It’s evident that YouTube has worked out that messaging and sharing directly on-platform is key to keeping users engaged. Even if their version of in-app sharing isn’t much better than dropping videos elsewhere, at least the option is available. The feature is rolling out to a global audience, but may take a few days to reach all YouTube users worldwide. You can check out the demo below.

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