Local businesses can now use ‘Posts on Google’

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Yoplait wants mums to ignore the haters

Yoplait understands the struggles of modern motherhood in their latest ad, “You’ve Got This, Mom On!”. The commercial outlines that the first rule of being a mum is that ‘someone’s always judging’ and taps into the competitiveness of parenting. The spot features all kinds of mothers who are judged by opinionated onlookers for breastfeeding in public, not breastfeeding at all, staying at home, working, being too old etc. ‘Mom On’ stands up for mums everywhere by helping defuse the judgement of others through a blend of humour, confidence-building and empathy. Essentially, Yoplait is encouraging women to ignore the haters and be their own best version of a mum by doing whatever feels right for their families.

Instagram tests feature for private sharing

Instagram is testing a new tool, which (if launched) would enable users to share posts and Stories with selected groups of friends only. Simply called ‘Favourites,’ the feature aims to cater for users who wish to post their ridiculous, less than flattering Instagram images with carefully chosen close friends. The idea came from ‘Finstagrams’ – private Instagram accounts followed by only a handful of the user’s closest friends. By allowing people to control their audience, Instagram is encouraging people to post more often. Unlike the horribly devaluing structure of MySpace’s previous ‘Top Friends’, no one will know when you add or remove them to the list. Friends will only know they are a ‘favourite’ when they see a green badge at the top of a post that was only shared with an exclusive list. If the tool rolls out broadly, it could turn Instagram into the default place to share for more groups of friends and change the whole social dynamics of the platform.

State of Origin scores the top spot

Program Station Audience
State of Origin Rugby League NSW V QLD 2nd Ch9 2,383,833
State of Origin Rugby League NSW V QLD 2nd Game – Pre Match Ch9 1,465,896
House Rules – Sun Ch7 1,177,005
True Story with Hamish and Andy Ch9 1,047,318
House Rules – Mon Ch7 1,035,179
The Voice -Sun Ch9 1,004,861
Masterchef Australia – Tues Ch10 913,207
State of Origin Rugby League NSW V QLD 2nd – Post Match Ch9 862,708
Masterchef Australia – Mon Ch10 838,697
Masterchef Australia – Sun Ch10 828,803

18/06 – 24/06

Snapchat rolls out location-sharing Snap Map

Snapchat has recently rolled out a ‘whole new way to explore the world’ with Snap Map. The map gives users the option to share their current location and location-based content with their friends when the app is opened. The update is intended to inspire users to ‘go on an adventure’ (aka see your friends in real life) and is easily accessible by pinching to zoom out and view the map. The feature also gives users an alternative, simpler way to discover global Story content beyond the Stories feed. Be careful though, Snapchat doesn’t tell you that it will broadcast your exact location to anyone on your friends list every time you open the app. Thankfully, if you’re not interested in letting everyone know your exact whereabouts all the time, you can keep yourself off the map with Ghost Mode. Snap Map will compete with Facebook Messenger’s recently launched Live Location feature.

Nintendo is bringing the Super NES back

A mere 26 years after the Super Nintendo Entertainment System’s initial launch, Nintendo is reviving the system with a miniature Classic Edition. Available later in the year, the Super NES Classic will come complete with 26 games including Super Mario World, Earthbound, Super Maria Kart and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The pack will also include the possibility for users to unlock Star Fox 2, a never-before-played Star Fox sequel. The console will allow players to easily play retro games on high-definition televisions (with a HDMI connection), and is bound to bring up heartfelt emotions from the generation of console fans. The Super NES Classic is Nintendo’s follow up to the NES Classic, which launched in 2016.

Vince Staples sells Sprite to random teenagers at a carnival

Freshly after releasing his latest album, Big Fish Theory, American rapper Vince Staples plays himself while vending at a carnival for Sprite’s latest TV commercial. In the ad, he is approached by some ‘random teenagers’ and rigs the carnival game to speed up the process and give them free cans. The spot pokes fun at other ads by being comically transparent, with the booth signed ‘The Sprite Commercial’. The featured Sprite cans showcase Staples’ Norf Norf lyrics, “You thirsty, please grab a Sprite.” The ad is part of a campaign that features ‘6 cold lyrics by 6 hot rappers’ including Vic Mensa, Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M. Past Sprite campaigns have featured Tupac, Drake and J Cole to name a few.

Local businesses can now use ‘Posts on Google’

Remember when Google launched ‘Posts on Google’, which let big companies feature social network-style content in a carousel in search results? Well, now they’ve opened up the same program to local businesses so they can feature their products and services on Google Search and Maps. Local businesses will be able to optimise this tool to share daily specials, promotions, events, new products, whilst linking these posts to their own sites. The Posts feature is available now for verified companies using Google My Business.

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