Chronic flatulence sounds attractive when harmonised in Geico’s latest spot

Boyz II Men, a ‘90s R&B band, prove they can make all kinds or irksome medical side effects sound sexy for Geico’s “It’s What You Do” campaign. The car insurance company’s TV spot features a woman at a pharmacy getting the run-down on possible physical reactions to her medications in the smoothest way possible – a harmonised, personalised song from the band themselves. The ad is part of a wider campaign in which Boyz II Men share all kinds of bad news in beautiful tunes, including awkward Tinder dates, unattractive haircuts and telling your parents to stop liking every one of your posts. It all comes down to the point that if you want to save on car insurance, switching to Geico is ‘what you do’. If you’d like to check out some more smooth, but brutal, ‘90s melodies for the campaign, click here.

Android’s Gboard update can recognise your hand-drawn emoji

Google’s keyboard, the Gboard, was already smart given its direct link to Google search and all the company’s artificial intelligence-powered predictive language capabilities. Now, its new update is even smarter with abilities to recognise your scribbly hand-drawn emojis. Tools like ‘Quick, Draw!’, a web game that guesses what you doodle on the screen, alongside Google’s ongoing AI research, has helped the technology advance in accurately recognising images. Essentially this means you can now attempt to draw an image on your phone, like an apple, and the Gboard will suggest an accurate emoji to replace it – an apple emoji. Although it may not be practical to find emojis this way because it would take triple the amount of time, it would definitely be fun to test Google’s capabilities! Along with this entertaining feature, the update has also improved its natural language understanding and is able to predict full phrases instead of just the next word. Pretty nifty!

Hamish & Andy tell a good story

Program Station Audience
True Story with Hamish and Andy Ch9 1,419,841
House Rules – Sun Ch7 1,314,648
House Rules – Mon Ch7 1,253,158
House Rules – Tues Ch7 1,086,720
The Voice – Sun Ch9 1,058,264
Masterchef Australia – Tues Ch10 927,757
Here Come the Habibs! Ch9 912,240
Masterchef Australia – Sun Ch10 885,501
Have you been paying attention? Ch10 873,282
Masterchef Australia – Wed Ch10 868,334

04/06 – 10/06

Snapchat introduces new ad publishing tool

Snapchat has recently made two significant announcements regarding its platform design, making it easier than ever for marketers to use video ads. Firstly, Snap Ad Manager is now officially up and running. The tool will give marketers the ability to buy, manage, optimize and view reporting on ad campaigns. You can simply fill in a form to get started. Secondly, Snapchat has introduced the free Snap Publisher tool which will enable advertisers without in-house creatives to cut and format videos to create Snap Ads in ‘under two minutes’. The browser-based tool will import existing brand assets, optimise existing videos, use a Snap-provided library of themes and add motion to still photos and images. Snap Publisher will also create multiple versions of the ads to test and determine which creative will work the best. The new tool will go live in July.

Apple’s Business Chat lets you shop straight from iMessage

Taking customer service and inbound sales to the next level, Apple’s Business Chat enables developers to integrate part of their app experience into iMessage. The feature allows users to talk to businesses to get advice on shopping, scheduling, general inquiries, or even file a dispute – all from the same chat thread. Business Chat can be accessed via any iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch via Safari, Apple Maps, Spotlight search and Siri. Just like Messenger, Apple’s Business Chat will allow customers to shop and buy products straight from the chat with Apple Pay. Businesses can show items in stock in a list format, which pops up from the conversation and prevents them from having to open a new window. For businesses that offer appointments, Business Chat also links up with the user’s own calendar so that they can see if an offered time slot conflicts with their schedule.

It’s Spandau Ballet versus Speedcore in Virgin Trains’ new ad

As part of their new joint integrated campaign with Finger Music, Virgin Trains has taken a completely different approach to its advertising with a comedic series of new ads. The spot uses a split-scenario film contrasted with two very opposing tracks: Spandau Ballet’s “True” and a Speedcore track. The ad takes you through a woman’s thought process as she tries to decide the best way to travel to an important job interview. The first option is to go with Virgin Trains, which is depicted as a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The alternative reveals a disastrous and stressful car ride, a flat tyre, and an increasingly crazed woman who is eventually escorted away by a security guard. The film cuts back and forth between calm and havoc, smooth Spandau and high tempo Speedcore, until the woman is prompted to make her final decision. So, will you be taking the train or car?

Facebook albums are no longer just for photos

Facebook’s latest photo album update has introduced the ability to add videos, check-ins and text posts to albums. So, technically it’s not just a photo album anymore. Within the upgrade, users will also be able to display featured albums on their profile to highlight their favourite collections. They can also follow friends’ albums to be notified in real-time when a new post is added, so you’ll never miss one of your friend’s posts of their puppy again! This update rolled out for Android users last week and iOS users will be able to use this feature in the next few weeks.


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