Amazon Music thinks there’s a song for every moment

Amazon has released a series of quirky spots promoting its Music Unlimited streaming service. The campaign is based around the idea that with 40 million songs, there should be one for every moment you encounter. Babies gorge on ice cream in car seats to “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode, a blissful dog enjoys a trip in the car to Avicii’s “Levels,” and a cat wrecks a bathroom to “Anarchy in the U.K.” by the Sex Pistols. Although the campaign does feel similar to some of Spotify’s previous work from the #thatsongwhen campaign, the difference is in the execution. Amazon’s use of YouTube-like 20-second clips give a relatable, engaging and homely approach to the idea.

Hold off on your gadget purchases, Bluetooth 5 is here

Bluetooth 5 has already been created, but few accessories will actually support it until 2018. The technology is capable of transferring data at double the speed of Bluetooth 4.2 and it can also work at much longer distances. The upgrade will theoretically allow you to work from up to 79 metres away, instead of the current 20-metre limit; although this distance doesn’t account for walls and other obstructive terrains. Realistically, the upgrade will mean that the Bluetooth 5 device may work across your entire home, instead of just in the next room. So, if you’re thinking about buying a new phone, speaker or another Bluetooth-powered device, you may want to hold off until early 2018 when the newest technology should be available in new products.

The Voice keeps up the battle

Program Station Audience
The Voice -Sun Ch9 1,061,616
House Rules – Sun Ch7 1,049,410
House Rules – Mon Ch7 1,026,167
The Voice -Mon Ch9 987,282
The Voice -Tues Ch9 957,232
House Rules – Wed Ch7 936,120
Masterchef Australia Mon Ch10 935,523
House Rules- Tues Ch7 914,336
Masterchef Australia Tues Ch10 899,576
Masterchef Australia Thurs Ch10 878,825

21/05 – 27/05















Instagram’s update lets you send links in direct messages

Businesses and influencers know all too well the frustrations of not being able to post links on their Instagram posts. The well-known ‘link in bio’ tactic has been significantly overused and one link is not always relevant to all queries. Finally, Instagram’s new update for their direct messaging (DM) tool could give businesses another way to link users to relevant product pages. In order to facilitate smoother transactions, users will be able to share website links in DMs, which will appear with an auto-preview in the thread (similar to Facebook). More than half of Instagram’s 700 million active users already use DMs, so ‘DM for link’ could prove to be an effective strategy. Obviously, the update links in captions could be more beneficial for e-commerce profiles, and not all people will want to privately converse with businesses, but it’s certainly an opportunity for brands to share more links on the platform.

Quora opens its self-serve ads platform to advertisers globally

Quora is a Q&A site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organised by its community of users. It has a global audience of close to 200 million monthly users and is known for the quality of its content and insightfulness to users. Quora also offers a native advertising solution, whereby brands can reach their target audience where they’re at, and on their terms. This option was previously only available to select partners in beta, but now Quora has launched its own self-serve platform so the tool is available to all users all over the world. Quora is currently offering two native ad formats to marketers, text and app install ad. Ads are sold on a CPC basis in a real-time auction, and campaigns can be targeted by topics, location and device.

No ‘Seal’ is safe in Discovery’s new ad for Shark Week

It’s never easy being a seal in the ocean, especially during Discovery’s much anticipated Shark Week. Amusingly, the series’ ad shows it’s not easy being ‘Seal’ next to the ocean either. The superstar is abruptly interrupted from performing his popular song “Kiss From a Rose,” when a shark attacks him. It’s not hard to understand why the channel chose the conveniently named Grammy-winning singer, Seal, to feature in the ad as the predator’s latest victim. The ad, appropriately titled “It’s Still a Bad Week to be a Seal,” perfectly demonstrates to dedicated fans of the series that the new season is going to be just as shocking and gruesome as always. The documentary series kicks off on July 23.

The Betoota Advocate finally caves to native advertising

Australian satirical news website, The Betoota Advocate, has finally succumbed to the attractiveness of native advertising. Grow Super’s new public service announcement comes directly from a pair of journalists from The Betoota Advocate, who confess that they have been “paid a disgusting amount of money to promote a new financial technology from some startup down South”. Although they have essentially ‘caved’ to branded content, they have kept it on brand and in style. The 90-second clip calls out flaws in the superannuation system with plenty of sarcasm and the unforgettable slogan, “Grab your superannuation by the balls.” So far, fans of the satirists have been responding positively to the ad regardless of the evident ‘sell out’.


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