The Macallan embraces latest tech innovations with new ‘touchable’ video

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Domino’s lets you create delivery-timed hacks with IFTTT

The latest update from Domino’s lets customers use and create delivery-timed “hacks” with its partnership with the IFTTT platform. IFTTT, which stands for “if this, then that,” makes connections between digital devices it calls applets, but let’s skip the technical part. Basically, when you use the Domino’s Tracker, you can use IFTTT to trigger another device to indicate when the order is at a particular stage in the delivery process. For example, the technology can turn your sprinklers on when the pizza is being prepared, or turn on your porch lights when the delivery is on the road.  The update continues to align with Domino’s positioning towards being an innovative and tech-savvy brand.

McDonald’s introduces new eating utensil in infomercial

McDonald’s has cleverly produced a mock infomercial promoting its latest technology, the Frork, which is essentially a regular fork made out of fries rather than metal. Although the infomercial focuses on the Frork in a humorous late-night television fashion, McDonald’s is really advertising their premium Signature Crafted burger line. Strategically, the utensil was designed to help users scoop up the lavish toppings that mysteriously happen to fall out of their new crafted sandwiches. It’s certainly not the first time a company has created a new product to sell another, but whether the Frork will be able to entice customers to try the premium range instead of their usual classics remains to be seen. The Frork is an actual tangible product that will be available in participating American stores from May 5.

My Kitchen finale Rules

National Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules – Sun Ch 7 1,358,000
The Voice – Mon Ch 9 1,277,000
My Kitchen Rules – Wed Ch 7 1,237,000
My Kitchen Rules – Tues Ch 7 1,219,000
The Voice -Tues Ch 9 1,185,000
My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,139,000
The Voice -Wed Ch 9 1,083,000
59TH Annual TV Week Logie Awards – Sun Ch 9 957,000
TV Week Logie Awards Arrivals – Sun Ch 9 878,000
Seven’s AFL: ANZAC Day Football – Tues Ch 7 835,000
23/04 – 29/04

Twitter plans to stream all day, every day

Twitter has just announced their partnership with Bloomberg as part of their plans to stream live video 24 hours a day.  The deal will see Bloomberg producing news programming specifically for Twitter that is dynamic and unfiltered. The segments will be short and succinct to encourage busy people to jump in and out of channels regularly.  On top of this, Twitter’s new video package offers sports, news, entertainment, and other content from 16 streaming video partnerships led by Buzzfeed, VoxMedia, Viacom and more. Advertisers can buy pre- and mid-roll ads against the new shows and channels through Twitter’s Amplify program. Pre-roll ads longer than six seconds will be skippable, but mid-roll ads will not, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

Facebook gives content owners new options for dealing with copyright violations

Desiring to compete with YouTube as a video hub, Facebook Rights Manager is giving publishers, page owners and video creators a chance to make some money when their copyrighted videos are reposted by other Facebook users. Rights owners will be able to claim ad earnings, allowing them to claim a share of the money generated if an Ad Break runs in a piece of content that matches the right owner’s reference files. In addition to this, three other options have been created for handling copyright violations. These include block the offending video from being visible on Facebook, keep it viewable but monitor the video metrics and choose a different response later, or set it aside later for review. Facebook says the new options will help owners protect their video content and have already begun to roll out the functions to Pages.

The Macallan embraces latest tech innovations with new ‘touchable’ video

Traditional scotch brand, The Macallan, has launched a new interactive video for its annual Masters of Photography initiative. The program creates a limited-edition whisky collection with renowned photographers, and this year worked with Steven Klein. The touchable video features as a moving art piece in which the camera pans across models drinking whisky (of course). Klein’s intention was to, “examine a world standing still through a moving camera” in a situation where there is usually an “abundance of movement”. The video has 13 touch-points that, when tapped or clicked, reveal additional information about the whisky and the collaboration. The Macallan company, established in 1824, succeeds in using the latest tech innovations to connect with a millennial audience, having also used 360-degree videos and chat bots in previous marketing campaigns. They prove that you don’t have to be a new brand to succeed in using emerging digital technologies. For the touchable version, go here.

Google Chrome to provide ‘Not Secure’ warnings on HTTP sites

Every day there seems to be more stories on privacy being under attack on the web. That’s why Google Chrome is encouraging siteowners to move their sites to HTTPS by October, when they plan to start issuing warning messages on pages that haven’t made the change. HTTPS protects you by encrypting the traffic between your device and the website you are accessing. It ensures all data, from the pages you read to the form data you input, is encrypted. Therefore HTTPS prevents others from seeing the content of the websites you look at. The proposed Chrome ‘Not secure’ warning will occur in two situations: when users enter data on a HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.  So if you’ve got a search box or form on your website that runs HTTP, it might be time to think about changing over so users will continue to feel secure entering information on your site.

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