Snapchat to launch a self-serve platform for Snap ads

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Instagram introduces a new tool to organise your saved posts

Back in December, Instagram gave users the ability to save their favourite posts for later by hitting the bookmark logo. Now, after realising that 46% of its users have saved at least one post since December, Intstagram has introduced a new tool for organising these saved posts called ‘Collections’. The tool means you can organise saved posts into individual collections/albums and has been compared to Pinterest’s boards. For now Pinterest doesn’t have much to worry about because Instagram Collections will remain private to the user and aren’t shareable. Watch this space…

Burger King’s ‘Connected Whopper’ hacks Google Home (and backfires)

In case you missed it, last week Burger King launched a new TV spot that hacked Google Home assistants. The ad used the “Ok Google” prompt to activate the device, getting it to read the Whopper’s Wikipedia page. Burger King’s strategy backfired as cheeky Internet users began editing the Wikipedia page to warn readers of the ‘cancer-causing’ ingredients, which resulted in these claims being read aloud in homes. Google caught wind of the ‘hack’, and barred the commercial from activating its devices. What an ordeal! Burger King took an opportunity to do something new with emerging technology, but there is always a risk when the company you’re collaborating with doesn’t know about it…

Home (and Away) is where the heart is

National Free to Air Station Audience
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 777,000
First Dates – Mon Ch 7 747,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 705,000
RBT – Mon Ch 9 689,000
Home and Away – Wed Ch 7 688,000
The Chase Australia – Mon Ch 7 685,000
First Dates – Tues Ch 7 668,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 664,000
House Husbands – Mon Ch 9 661,000
Border Security: America’s Front Line – Sun Ch 7 628,000
9/04 – 15/04

Netflix prioritises subscribers over theatres

It’s no secret that Netflix, Amazon and other video streaming services are rapidly taking over the filmmaking space by making quality online-released films.  It was only a matter of time until large theatre chains took interest and wanted a piece of the pie, but Netflix has (thankfully) remained firm in its stance to allow online subscribers to be the first to see any new content. As members are funding production, Netflix will keep releasing films online primarily but may also offer the same films in theatres simultaneously. This will allow consumers to choose their preferred viewing experience, although it seems unfathomable that viewers would choose the expensive theatrical experience over Netflix at home.

Snapchat to launch a self-serve platform for Snap ads

This week, Snapchat announced that they are working on a new self-serve platform for Snap ads, which will make for smoother and more accessible purchase process. At present, Snapchat ads can only be purchased through programmatic platforms or via a Snapchat rep. As Instagram is continuing to be aggressively competitive (surpassing Snapchat in active daily users via Stories) it looks like Snapchat is stepping up its game and making itself more attractive to advertisers around the world.

Even monsters think satellite TV is evil in campaign for Spectrum

What do you get when you put a Werewolf, Grim Reaper, mad scientist and the Mummy on a train back to the burbs? The new campaign for Spectrum (telecommunications) gives us an idea, but it’s not the 1930’s movie monster cliché you would stereotypically imagine. Instead, the ‘monsters’ are cool and casual in their eerie costumes, conversing about their own insecurities and relatively normal problems. The Mummy talks about his plans to summon the Apocalypse while also mentioning that he’s bringing orange slices to his twins’ soccer game. The punch line comes after the Grim Reaper’s kids are texting complaining that the satellite dish isn’t working in the rain with, “TV that cuts out in the rain is evil”. Three more spots featuring the characters are set to follow.

Skyn’s Messenger bot lets you know if you have a sexy voice

Condom-maker Skyn have created a Facebook Messenger-based voice analyser that rates voices by sensuality, mystery, intensity and sophistication. On visiting the chat, you are prompted to record yourself speaking a phrase and the chat bot analyses your voice to let you know how your voice rates in sensuality, mystery etc. You mays well try it out here. As you would have guessed, the bot then takes you to the official website where you can see which condom box suits you best. It isn’t clear how the analysis works or the level of accuracy involved, but who’s to argue with a bot that is telling you your voice is sexy?

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