Deleting your pics could feed the hungry

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Deleting your pics could feed the hungry

Charity group Land O’Lakes has launched an interesting awareness campaign that encourages participants to delete their food pics to feed the world. You simply need to head to their website and log into your Instagram account through a secure page. Once there, you delete one of your food photos from your timeline. For each Instagram pic deleted, 11 meals will be donated to hungry people around the world; deleting hunger one photo at a time.

Adobe doesn’t want to agitate this agent

Adobe has launched a flashy action-packed ad for the new Adobe Marketing Suite. The trailer-esque ad features Agent Hunter taking down his target, but then experiencing some pretty poor customer service. The clip highlights that no matter who you are, we’ve all fallen victim to less than excellent experiences when dealing with multiple channels of tech. Check the ad out for yourself below.

Footy Finals find their way to the top

National Free to Air Station Audience
Saturday Night AFL Football Finals – Post Match Ch 7 1,786,000
The Case of JonBenét Ramsey – Part 2 Ch 9 1,282,000
Saturday Night AFL Football Finals Ch 7 1,237,000
The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,166,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 1,032,000
The Block – Tues Ch 9 1,029,000
The Case of JonBenét Ramsey – Part 1 Ch 9 1,013,000
The Big Music Quiz Ch 7 842,000
The Block – Wed Ch 9 830,000
Doctor Doctor Ch 9 810,000
19/09 – 25/09


This vodka raises a glass to art

Absolut is now selling art from around the world online to align with its deep history of supporting visual arts. The vodka company has teamed up with hundreds of artists throughout the last 30 years, among them some of the greats, such as  Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, and Damien Hirst. Because of this colourful bond between art and the vodka brand, it seemed like a natural fit to launch Absolut Art to curate collections and support artists from around the world. Absolut Art is currently available in Europe/UK and is set to launch in the US October 5. While the launch date for Australia is yet to be announced, we can still always utilise cheap shipping costs via voovit.

Gamify your snaps

Snapchat has launched a game changer and just allowed its first in-app game. The game launched today and features NFL player Cam Newton dodging wolves to get to safety. When served, a 10-second video of either Cam Newton playing football or Cam Newton ‘Prince of a Thousand Enemies’ is played, followed by an invitation to play the game. The game is targeted to 14 – 22-year-olds and focuses on the footwork of the NFL player. Once you’ve completed the game, you can snap and send your score to your friends to let them know you’re a total champ.

The Snapchat election

While we sit here in Australia giggling (or cringing) at the current presidential election happening in the US, it’s hard not to take notice of the rise in the Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat) related content being produced by all of the presidential candidates. We’ve seen a bombardment of Geofilters during rallies, debates and press conferences used to throw shade or discredit the other party, candidates trying to be chill (see below), and burning US Tax codes in their ads. But it’s not just the candidates getting into the Snaps. We’ve seen Snap Inc.’s direct involvement in the election with their collaboration with TurboVote to encourage millennials to register to vote, and users making the debate a little more interesting. It’s a shame that Snap Spectacles won’t be on the market until the end of the year, because we’d all love to see Donald’s hair routine through his own eyes.

Audi wants you to fight for beauty

The latest ad for Audi ran during yesterday’s presidential debate, and it seems that action is the flavour of the week. The ad features a rewind of two hotel valets risking bodily harm for a chance to park the Audi. As we continue to rewind with them, we see every punch, every pull and every tackle made to keep the other from reaching the valet parking ticket first. The clip ends with an Audi rolling in and tag line “Beautiful things are worth fighting for”. Check it out below:

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