These tattoos get technical

The MIT Media Lab has teamed up with Microsoft Research to create temporary tattoos that can control your smartphone. This latest piece of wearable technology, called DuoSkin, draws from the trend of temporary metallic body art and transforms it into a functioning piece of tech. They’ve created three different variations of the tech so far. The first acts as a track pad for your device (computer or phone), the second changes colour whilst on your skin depending on your mood, and the last piece acts as an NFC tag. Similar to traditional temporary tattoos, these tattoos are easily applied and removed from the skin using only water.

The FaceTime face off

In 2004, Google dominated emails with its release of Gmail. But as emailing falls out of trend with a growing number of people, Google thought it was time for something new. Duo is its response to the traditional email. Essentially, it’s Google’s version of Apple’s FaceTime. Although Google already has a video calling app called Hangout, which uses a Gmail or Google account to connect users, Duo is reportedly much simpler, as it uses phone numbers to reach a larger number of people. Why Duo over FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger or even Hangout? Google believes it can better the market by offering a smarter service. Duo is said to constantly perform “bandwidth estimation” to understand how much video can be delivered during the call. If Wi-Fi drops or weakens, it will automatically switch to a phone’s cellular network. If the 3G network were to cut out it would switch to 2G and only use audio.

The Bachelor rose to the top of the ratings

As expected, the Olympics have dominated our screens, but for those of you who aren’t watching, these are the top shows you were watching last week.

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Bachelor Australia – Wed Ch 10 858,000
The Chase Australia – Tues Ch 7 834,000
The Chase Australia – Mon Ch 7 830,000
The Chase Australia – Wed Ch 7 814,000
The Chase Australia – Fri Ch 7 791,000
The Chase Australia – Thurs Ch 7 750,000
The Bachelor Australia – Thurs Ch 10 742,000
RBT – Wed Ch 9 696,000
Have You Been Paying Attention? – Mon Ch 10 690,000
The Project – Wed Ch 10 654,000
8/08 – 14/08

Seven shades of smart toast

Ever wanted to check the weather forecast, subtly remind your housemate to pay their rent, or add an emoji to your toast? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re in luck! Toasteroid is the new smart toaster that connects to your smartphone to print messages on your breakfast. Even if you answered no to all of the above questions, you can still have the perfect slice, as the Toasteroid also handles mark free toast with seven levels of brownness.

Brand your face with Twitter stickers

The social media platform Twitter, has recently released a new way to brand content: sponsored stickers. Since June, when uploading an image to Twitter, you have the option to overlay stickers (which is basically a bunch of emojis), before tweeting it live. Pepsi is the first to get on board with the sponsored stickers; tying in with their ongoing campaign PepsiMoji. This launch gives brands the opportunity to infiltrate their consumers’ organic content seamlessly.

Let Dr. Facebook diagnose you

Your.MD can diagnose your illness via online messenger, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik and Telegram, as well as its own app for Android or iOS. This pocket doctor is a clever piece of AI tech that analyses your symptoms against a database of known conditions using a Bayesian Network theory of deduction. Although it has a long way to go before it can replace your actual doctor, Your.MD is a quick and easy way to cure your latest bout of hypochondria while giving you a realistic diagnosis of your illness.

Bud Light wants everyone to ‘Join the Party’

Bud Light has jumped on board the gender identity debate with their continuation from their Superbowl ad campaign. Celebrity spokespeople Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, have long been encouraging consumers to drink more of the beer. This time however, they lightheartedly engage in the social debate by claiming “Beer should have labels — not people”. The pair go on to say that everyone will enjoy the taste of Bud Light regardless of which gender you identify with. Check out the ad here:

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