NPO uses Snapchat to save lives

Be The Match, a NPO that co-ordinates a bone marrow registry helping blood cancer patients in the US, has launched a new strategy to reach young, healthy donors via Snapchat. The campaign targets young 18 – 24 year old guys by challenging their ego to Be The Guy. The campaign uses a series of video stories, from a dorky looking guy dancing in a hot dog suit, to an awkwardly shaved chest with the caption “this guy could save a life – could you?” to raise awareness for the charity. In addition to Snapchat, the Minneapolis-based NPO is running online videos on Twitch, Instagram and Facebook, and is also working with Reddit.

Turn your photo into art using AI

Gone are the days where the humble Instagram filter would suffice as an artistic shot. Prisma is a new photo editing app that uses AI to transform your photos into works of art. Unlike other photo editing apps, Prisma doesn’t just apply a filter over the existing image, it takes full advantage of neural networks and artificial intelligence to mimic famous artists’ styles of work to alter the image. The process is quick and customisable; allowing you to share the finished product across any social platform.

State of Origin won ratings trophy

National Free to Air Station Audience
State of Origin Match – Wed Ch 9 2,055,000
Masterchef Australia – Mon Ch 10 1,240,000
State of Origin Pre-Match – Wed Ch 9 1,194,000
Masterchef Australia – Sun Ch 10 1,122,000
Masterchef Australia – Tues Ch 10 1,054,000
Masterchef Australia – Thurs Ch 10 973,000
Masterchef Australia – Wed Ch 10 944,000
Love Child – Mon Ch 9 910,000
NCIS – Tues Ch 10 894,000
Have You Been Paying Attention? – Mon Ch 10 862,000
11/07 – 17/07

Take a virtual ‘Night Drive’ with Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi have released the virtual ‘Night Drive‘, which is aimed at younger buyers for the 2017 model of the Mirage G4. To test drive the car, you can use the app as both the monitor and controller of the car around a night track. To get the full interactive experience, users can also input a unique code linking their smart phone with their computer; allowing the desktop monitor to transform into the car’s windscreen and dashboard. In addition, the app turns the user’s phone into the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes. This clever piece of interactive technology keeps users playing while Mitsubishi narrates a full rundown of the cars specs and features.

YouTube wants you to have your own theme song

YouTube has been busy creating its latest ad campaign for YouTube Music: YouTube’s response to Spotify. The campaign features people from all walks of life as a tribute to the diversity of people and their equally diverse taste in music. Although Spotify has a huge range of musical diversity, YouTube remains the number one site for streaming music worldwide. Focusing on this strength, we meet people from across the globe enjoying their music, their way. With this campaign, YouTube is showcasing how music can be a universal language, and how the streaming mega-giant is connecting the world, one song at a time.  Below, we meet Jaysn from Korea on his daily train ride, kicking it to his beats.

Netflix brings back the mixtape with a millennial twist

Remember mixtapes? Netflix does. The online video streaming giant recently released a cool new feature, turning the mostly solo act of watching Netflix into a more shareable and social media friendly venture. You can now ‘mix’ and share your favourite shows, films or moments with other Netflix subscribers with their new Flixtape feature. Essentially, you come up with the title and then send your favourite scenes via a playlist to whoever you want. Aware that their target audience may not have been around when mixtapes were at their prime, Netflix launched the feature with a tongue-in-cheek explanation video featuring scenes from some of its most popular shows. Check it out below.

Indian tea company trumps the Trump

Indian tea company, TE-A-ME, sends Trump four years worth of green tea (approx. 6000 tea bags), in an attempt to purify him “for the world’s sake”. The tea company sent the tea to the Trump Tower and launched a public message through Times Square simultaneously, in a bid to ask Mr. Trump to drink the tea. They claim the tea will make him smarter and beg him to drink the tea to cleanse himself.  So far, the Facebook video has had over 2.7 million views and over 40,000 shares.

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