Roadside Bus shelter becomes instant VR Spa

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Facebook will instantly translate your posts into 44 languages

Facebook will soon be releasing its latest tool that allows you to post your status (or comment) simultaneously in multiple languages. Currently they’re looking to have the tool rolled out to the desktop version of Facebook, but are testing to make the feature available on Facebook mobile and Facebook Messenger. Although translating software is rarely 100% accurate, if you happen to know what you’d like to say in another language, you’re able to adjust the status to reflect this. Facebook says, that as the multilingual tool is used and adjusted, the software will begin to learn how to mimic these variances until it’s spot on. The new feature is also designed to provide Facebook with important data to help its translation software convert slang and other colloquial language from one language to another. “Parlez-Vous English?” Not to worry, Facebook’s got you covered.



Camera rig able to impersonate any car

The Mills has designed a camera rig, called Blackbird, that is completely modifiable from the height to length to even the way it drives. Blackbird will save thousands of dollars for filmmakers and advertising companies, by being able to CGI the real car right onto the rig in post-production. The rig’s design and electric motor means it’s fully adaptable to any terrain or any car type, which has been a huge hindrance to both industries in the past. The rig features a 3D laser scanner that generates a map of the environment in relation to the car, which gets sent directly to the software as a basis to the CGI overlay.

House Rules announcement wins ratings

National Free to Air Station Audience
House Rules Winner Announced – Sun Ch 7 1,248,000
Masterchef Australia – Wed Ch 10 1,197,000
Masterchef Australia – Mon Ch 10 1,155,000
House Rules Grand Final – Sun Ch 7 1,149,000
Masterchef Australia – Tues Ch 10 1,135,000
House Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,125,000
Masterchef Australia – Thurs Ch 10 1,003,000
The Voice – Sun Ch 9 993,000
Offspring – Wed Ch 10 965,000
Masterchef Australia – Sun Ch 10 936,000
27/06 – 3/07

Hologram karaoke anyone?

Amateur popstars get excited! Holographic karaoke is becoming a reality. This new tech will be making an appearance at Rob Thomas’ co-headlining summer tour towards the end of the year with the Counting Crows. Created by  VNTANA, an augmented reality company that previously brought the world the hologram selfie, this tech allows anyone to exercise their undiscovered talent and sing-along next to Rob Thomas, by turning themselves into a micro hologram. The newest hologram technology is said to be unlike anything we’ve seen (even expected to surpass Tupac’s surprise appearance at Coachella in 2012); turning the isolating world of VR into a more social experience that is shared in real time with real people.

Roadside Bus shelter becomes instant VR Spa

MYAD Marketing installed a virtual reality system into a bus shelter in Budapest to promote a new spa. The VR bus shelter gave commuters a taste of what the spa experience might be like. The bus stop was installed with a full aquarium, shareable photo points and the VR to take them underwater. This is a great example of how VR can be integrated into a public space to create a unique, engaging experience.

Meet Pillo, the robotic pharmacist

As the winter chill sets in, an intelligent home robot that can answer healthcare questions, connect you directly to health professionals and securely manage your medications, is definitely what the doctor ordered. An Indiegogo crowd funding campaign has been set up and, if the financial target is reached, Pillo the robotic pharmacist could be coming to a store near you.  The more you use Pillo, the more its functionalities will increase, and it will also be able to identify different members of the family and their specific needs. Pillo is driven by an ARM-based processor and touchscreen display, among other specifications, and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery to allow it to remain active during temporary power outages. The robot will also be able to sync with wearable and wireless devices, allowing you to store, manage and share your integrated health and wellness data all from one convenient location. Expected to be released by next summer, Pillo could be looking after you next flu season.

Plain, no frills beer makes a smooth debut

Up and coming American beer company House Beer just nailed their first ad with its straight talking, no frills tone. As the name suggests, House Beer is the kind of beer that you drink, not because of its fancy ingredients or seasonal blends, but because it’s just a good drop. This ad stands out from other craft beer ads in the industry, as it doesn’t over promise or under deliver, it’s just a simple House Beer. Check it out below.

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