The Voice continues to captivate audiences

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McDonald’s UK invites the public to follow their foodsteps

McDonald’s has launched a new virtual reality experience that will enable customers to see how ingredients for its menu is produced. It utilises the latest in VR technology and 360° video to tell the company’s UK food story as an immersive experience. In addition to following in the “foodsteps” of the people who grow, source and produce food for McDonald’s, a farm truck will tour the UK to give people a behind-the-scenes look at some of the country’s flagship farms, factories and restaurants. Check out the video:

Interactive Snapchat stories gives home DIY projects a virtual hand

American hardware store, Lowe’s has released a clever series of Snapchat Stories that encourages users to play an active role in DIY projects. The series called ‘In a Snap’, consists of short clips that take advantage of the tapping gesture that normally skips through Snapchat Stories, to instead, generate a reaction within the video. This video story virtually becomes an interactive lesson, allowing users to get a sense of the real process. Users can learn how to hammer nails, paint a wall or replace a backlash with a touch of a button, making a sometimes daunting activity more approachable and engaging. Weekend DIY projects never looked so fun.

The Voice continues to captivate audiences

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Game to get the job

Scoutible, a game-based hiring platform, is combining gaming and job hunting to help users measure their skills and discover their talent. Their aim is to improve hiring and retention by using immersive games to find the right candidate for a range of diverse positions. The hiring platform uses propriety game technology from Stamford and Harvard to unlock undiscovered potential. As a result, this could lead to people being scouted by top companies based on their strengths whilst playing the game.

Viral Video

Coldplay drops a strange but brilliant video

Coldplay’s brilliantly weird Up&Up video clip includes a volcano that pops out popcorn, a baby that flies on the wing of a plane, and skydivers that jump into a bowl of pasta. Israeli directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia created the video, which they said is ‘a poignant, surrealist montage which alludes to contemporary issues’. It’s superbly surreal, and fans are loving it. On the first day the video amassed a whopping 2.8million views on YouTube and it should hit the five million mark this morning. Here it is:

Researchers develop an ‘ingestible robot’

The combined brain power of researchers at MIT, the University of Sheffield, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have produced an ingestible robot that expands itself inside a patient’s body. The origami-esque miniature prototype is surrounded by an ice capsule that once ingested, melts away allowing the bot to expand. Controlled by an external magnetic field, researchers developed the robot in hopes that it can be used to remove foreign objects, patch wounds and deliver medicine straight to the source of pain. A robotic nurse helping you from your innards – welcome to the future of healthcare.

Find out what that image ‘sounds’ like

PixelSynth, a new Chrome Experiment written in Javascript, allows you to choose from a library of pre-selected images (or upload your own) to create your own ‘music.’ To get started users choose an image, and start experimenting with the tune. There are knobs for brightness and contrast to edit the pictures – both of which alter the image and the music – as well as drop down menus that allow you to adjust the scale, key and speed. It’s currently just in experiment phase, and users have described some of their creations as ‘torturous’. Hopefully with a little more work we  can start creating picturesque tunes.


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