The Voice opens to a big crowd

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Face swap with your favourite Netflix characters

Ever wondered what you would look like as the prolific, power-hungry Politician, Frank Underwood or aesthetically embody a notorious Colombian drug lord? Well, the folks at Netflix will make your dreams come true with their new interactive outdoor campaign. Snapchat inspired face swap posters featuring popular characters from Netflix’s original series were peppered all over France as part of their new #netflixswap outdoor campaign. Passersby from the Parisian capital, to the streets of Marseille shared their face swap experiences through the Snapchat app resulting in effective reach and impressions for the campaign. Hats off (or more like faces off) to Netflix for taking advantage of the face swap phenomenon.

Try on clothes with filters in an app

Online shopping is just about to get better with the release of a new app called Pictofit. This app lets a shopper ‘try on’ clothes using only images. Think back to your childhood when you used to dress up paper dolls, but now incorporate it with new-age mobile technology and you have Pictofit in a nutshell. This Android and iOS supported app allows users to use product photos online or select a photo from your gallery and extracts garment photos from these images. With an integrated messenger feature, the app allows users to send looks to friends and discuss great finds all within the app. Fashion filters? Yes please.

TV Ratings

The Voice opens to a big crowd

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Voice – Mon Ch 9 1,400,000
The Voice – Tues Ch 9 1,269,000
58th Annual TV Week Logie Awards – Sun Ch 9 1,119,000
TV Week Logie Awards Arrivals – Sun Ch 9 1,060,000
Masterchef Australia – Wed Ch 10 1,058,000
Masterchef Australia – Thurs Ch 10 1,006,000
Masterchef Australia – Mon Ch 10 949,000
Masterchef Australia – Tues Ch 10 947,000
Masterchef Australia – Sun Ch 10 905,000
House Rules – Sun Ch 7 864,000
2/05 – 8/05

Australians now have access to personalised Snapchat geofilters

The long awaited unlocking of Snapchat’s personalised geofilters has finally arrived. On-demand geofilters allow Snapchat users to create and publish personalised snap filters for their party, wedding, business or any type of event, wherever they are. This launch came shortly after Snapchat appointed former News Corp Sales Director as the company’s General Manager for Australia. As part of the launch, Snapchat is set to release 100 new geofilters across selected locations in Sydney and Melbourne over the next couple of months. To create one, users can just log on to the Snapchat On Demand website and then upload their design or edit one of Snapchat’s existing templates.

‘The Chat Bot Club’ keeps online conversation alive

During the recent TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon in New York, developer Irene Change made ‘The Chat Bot Club’ – a program that essentially creates your robotic twin that can post messages in conversations and trick your friends into thinking that you’re actually there. We’ve all been stuck in those annoying Facebook group messages that make climbing Mt. Everest seems easier than keeping up with these conversations. This is a handy little solution to those problems. The program will chat in your place, unburdening the tasks of having to be social online around the clock. The Chat Bot Club monitors your messages and gradually learns your messaging ‘style’, building up a database of your typical responses, favourite phrases, and most-used emojis. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to another Microsoft’s Tay situation

History’s greatest men get a modern makeover

UK retail giant Harvey Nichols just released their new menswear campaign under the banner “Great men deserve great style.” Each ad takes a great man from history, lists a few of his achievements, then undercuts all of the above with a burn about his heinous look. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, Barack Obama and (eccentric British politician) Boris Johnson have all been given a Photoshop makeover in the print campaign. The TV spots follow the same formula as the print ads do, with one extra perk: After the punch line, each man’s fashion faux pas is whimsically made over, to give an exciting sneak-peek at how much sassier you can look once Harvey gets ahold of you. Check out Einstein’s make-over from daggy sandals to cool new sneakers:

Your virtual holographic home assistant

Since the creation of non-sentient systems, what was once far-fetched and out of the ordinary is set to become the norm. We have AI technology from Amazon’s Alexa and AI robots such as JIBO to thank. This development is about to evolve even further in the form of holograms. Japanese company Vinclu took these AI developments and transformed them into a female hologram figure called Gatebox that helps with everyday tasks. The concept was to bring to life a figure that “comes to see you from the other side of the screen from another dimension.” Watch Gatebox in action below:

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