PoseNet ensures you’re never a lost traveller

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Puma’s BeatBot is faster than Usain Bolt

Puma, and the crew from MIT and JWT, has created ‘BeatBot’ – a four-wheeled robot capable of hitting speeds as fast as Usain Bolt. The BeatBot is a new, programmable, autonomous-driving, lane-following racing robot that pushes runners of all levels to go harder, and run faster. It does so by giving them a visual target to beat. In-fact, this thing never gets tired. Racers aren’t just trying to beat the time on a stopwatch, their endurance is also challenged. The BeatBot is capable of beating the world’s fastest sprinters, but you can also slow it down on the mobile app to suit your needs. It sounds like the perfect training partner. The Puma BeatBot also comes with forwards and backwards GoPro cameras and LED lights on its tail to track it in a race. Here it is in action:

PoseNet ensures you’re never a lost traveller

Being lost in a foreign country can be scary, but fear not. Researchers at the University of Cambridge are here to help displaced travellers find their way. The UK researchers have created a capable neural network called PoseNet, a system that is supposed to be better than current methods of satellite positioning. PoseNet can deduce your location in the blink of an eye. This geographical marvel can deduce your location with a single snapshot in just five milliseconds, which is technically 60 times faster than a blink. The results are just as accurate as any GPS, with a margin of error of roughly 2 metres (or 2.286 metres to be exact). The system can even determine the direction you are facing by minor degrees.



Will The Voice take over MKR’s ratings ruling?

My Kitchen Rules: Winner Announced – Tues Ch 7 1,982,000
My Kitchen Rules: Grand Final – Tues Ch 7 1,820,000
My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,716,000
The Voice – Sun Ch 9 1,395,000
Married at First Sight: Follow Up – Wed Ch 9 1,110,000
Married at First Sight: Finale – Wed Ch 9 1,044,000
Masterchef Australia – Sun Ch 10 1,012,000
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 879,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 860,000
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders – Mon Ch 7 840,000

Vogue model makes fashion debut at 100

In celebration of their 100-year issue, Vogue UK has unveiled a new campaign in partnership with British department store, Harvey Nichols. The campaign features Marjorie ‘Bo’ Gilbert, a model older than most women featured in the world’s most famous fashion magazine. Bo made her fashion debut at the ripe age of 100, sporting a chic outfit handpicked by stylists from Harvey Nichols. The department store also released a video featuring the gorgeous pint-sized model, where she discusses her journey into the glossy pages of fashion’s Holy Bible. From the rooms of an assisted living facility in Birmingham to a glossy photo studio, shooting for one of Britain’s most iconic stores, this is definitely one age defying Cinderella story.

Goodlife gets real

Goodlife Health Clubs has launched a campaign called ‘A Day in the Goodlife’, foregoing the muscle gods and goddesses we usually see in fitness industry adverts. The campaign features real members, not models, in a video series looking to empower the message that physical fitness plays a role in enhancing lives beyond gym walls. One ad from the series follows a day in the life of an Aussie mum, fighting against gender stereotypes in her physically demanding career as a plumber. The ad showcases Goodlife’s ability to help her overcome adversity. Click below to view Helen’s (aka the ‘Super Mum’) story:

Video ads go vertical

Not so long ago, it was taboo to turn horizontal video on its head, as marketers grappled with doing more for mobile than merely refitting TV spots for smaller screens. Today, vertical video, once seen as a Snapchat anomaly, is gaining traction and providing publishers and advertisers with perhaps another way to win over the ever-growing mobile audience. Virool, a programmatic video distribution company, is planning a vertical video ad unit called Vertical Reveal. Using a portion of the $12 million in venture capital it recently raised, the San Francisco-based firm is betting on a format that best matches up with how we hold our mobile devices day-to-day. We have Snapchat to thank for this one.

Smell-o-vision is here

Cyrano, is unique in its open-ended approach to scent as a medium. It is likely to draw upon years of previous experiments and research to become a real consumer product. Cyrano, is a portable device allowing users to have highly controlled, instantaneous scent experiences that avoid the saturation and fatigue usually associated with traditional scent diffusers. It is also one of the first networked scent devices in existence, allowing users to send each other different scent medleys paired with music, video and photos. The company behind Cyrano, Cambridge, VaporCommunications, has more ambitious aspirations for the product — for use in storytelling, gaming and most importantly, health and wellness.

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