The Bonds Boys are back and swinging

What Next?

YouTube rolling out live 360-degree videos with immersive Coachella experience

The battle for live video innovation intensifies. Google owned, YouTube has taken on Facebook, by announcing the launch of 360-degree live streaming for brands and creators. This video announcement comes a little over one year since they launched 360-degree video capabilities. In partnership with T-Mobile, YouTube will demonstrate this live streaming feature by showcasing select acts at the second weekend of the Coachella Music Festival. YouTube has also announced the launch of “spatial audio,” a new feature that broadcasts audio at different levels based on its real-life sources.

Travellers in Japan can shop with their fingerprints

The Japanese government are testing a system that allows foreign tourists to simply use their fingerprints to make purchases. Once tourists arrive at the airport, they will have to register their fingerprints alongside other important information. This information will then be made available to the 300 establishments taking part in the testing phase which includes hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and other stores that tourists usually frequent. Also, another bonus is that traveller can check-in to their hotel with their fingerprint rather than showing their passports. Efficiently in Japan just reached a new level.

TV Ratings

MKR continue their ratings reign

My Kitchen Rules – Tues Ch 7 1,439,000
My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,356,000
My Kitchen Rules – Wed Ch 7 1,349,000
My Kitchen Rules – Sun Ch 7 1,266,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 886,000
Married at First Sight – Tues Ch 9 884,000
Married at First Sight – Mon Ch 9 874,000
The Big Bang Theory – Wed Ch 9 873,000
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 820,000
You’re Back in the Room – Sun Ch 9 801,000

The Bonds Boys are back and swinging

The boys are back, and they’re taking on Melbourne’s temperamental weather atop a high rise on Bourke St. Bonds’ ‘The Boys’ campaign starring a pair of talkative testicles are now decorating the seven-storey oOh! Media site, and ‘reacting’ to the environment. ‘The Boys’ imitate reality – when it’s cold, they shrink towards the top of the billboard, when the weather heats up they move lower and hang freely, and when the winds blows, they swing with the current. This campaign takes the live RSS feeds to a whole new level. The cheeky pair also offer educational information on men’s health messages for passersby.

Twitter adds support for videos in direct messages

The social media giant launched the ability to capture and share videos in direct message. Twitter is on a roll after recently enabling users to search for and send GIFs in tweets and direct messages. The new feature is accessible through the old “camera” button, which now gives you an option to record videos as well as photos. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see it as of yet on your smart devices because Twitter is still in the process of rolling the new feature out globally for iOS and Android.

iPhone takes the Night Shift to help you sleep

By now most people know staring at a smartphone, laptop or TV at bedtime is a great way to induce insomnia. The crisp white light of an iPhone actually includes a power of blue frequencies that toil with your brain’s sleep functions. Apple want to help you out. Their latest iOS 9.3 now offers a function called Night Shift, which changes the display of an iPhone, iPad or iPod from the standard bright, sterile blue-rich lighting to a warmer, redder hue optimised for the late evening. One of the cool features of Night Shift is ‘automatic mode’, where at 10pm, the handset turns from bright and cold, to soft and warm. This serves as a gentle, but insistent reminder that it’s time to sleep now. Activate Night Shift through the settings menu!



Tesco automate grocery shopping

Tesco and task-management app IFTTT have partnered up to make the shopping experience exciting, efficient and convenient. This new partnership is in response to the increased number of connected home devices that are helping serve consumers better every day. Tesco customers can now add salmon if it falls in price, receive an email if the price of diapers changes or include a bottle of wine to their basket just as the weekend is about to start – all at the touch of a button on their Tesco IFTTT channel.

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