Tagly gives you social content control

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Citymaps is your map app replacement

Citymaps is for world-curious travelers ready to indulge their passion for exploration – whether they’re getting on a plane tomorrow or staying in their local neighborhood. The app allows users to create personalised maps attached to rich visuals, aggregating all of your favourite places in any city into a mobile visual grid. It’s almost a giant mesh ball of Instagram, pinterest and foursquare. Are you gluten-free and want to keep a record of gluten-free places to eat at? Are you an avid traveller wanting to discover all the hidden places within the cities you visit? Want to drink yourself across the country and explore hip hop landmarks? Citymaps is your friend.

App of the Week

Tagly gives you social content control

Tagly provides users with a personalised social feed for the best modern fashion and lifestyle brands allowing them to share, chat, and engage around the brands and content they love. In the age of selfies, UCG, and great big social-led fashion campaigns, social networks prioritise user-created content over commercial content from brands. As a result most brand created content gets lost in long social feeds. Tagly’s mission is to meet the needs of that audience, elevating brand content and creating a seamless, immersive experience for users to focus on what they love by giving users the control and allowing them to personalise their feed.

TV ratings

MKR has epic ratings week

National Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,572,000
My Kitchen Rules – Tues Ch 7 1,513,000
My Kitchen Rules – Wed Ch 7 1,494,000
My Kitchen Rules – Sun Ch 7 1,449,000
I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! – Sun Ch 10 1,058,000
Downton Abbey – Mon Ch 7 1,047,000
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 910,000
Wanted – Tues Ch 7 872,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 862,000
Home and Away – Wed Ch 7 796,000

One step closer to invisibility

How very Harry Potter. Currently two separate groups of engineers, both conducting research into meta-materials (composites not found in nature) are intending to develop a flexible, stretchable and tunable meta-skin. AKA an invisibility cloak. They are hoping to do this by manipulating electromagnetic waves so that the surface that blankets an object becomes invisible. Engineers at Iowa State University are developing meta-skins which suppress radar detection, meaning this version can be seen by the naked eye, but not by cameras. The other group from UC Berkeley has achieved an ultrathin cloak that successfully conceals microscopic 3D objects from detection in visible light.

Amazon replacing passwords with selfies

Mastercard, Google and Alibaba have all hinted things were going this way, but Amazon have promised to beat them to the punch by delivering “selfie” passwords. Using facial recognition could make it a lot harder for hackers and thieves to use personal accounts. They say this new technology will remove the hassle of entering in passwords on tiny mobile device screens, making it more user friendly. Amazon says that as part of the verification process, the computer or mobile device will prompt the user to ‘perform certain actions, motions or gestures, such as to smile, blink, or tilt his or her head.’ Neat.

Budweiser’s SXSW virtual beer experience

Smell-o-vision is here. Thanks to Anheuser-Busch, SXSW attendees were given an immersive experience delighting all senses at Budweiser Beer Garage inside Austin’s Ironwood Hall on East Seventh Street. The 4-D Immersive Reality Budweiser Brewery Tour entertained attendees as they strapped on VR headsets transporting them to A-B’s St. Louis facility. Attendees were taken on a multi sensory journey, getting to hear, see, smell—and finally taste—how Budweiser is made. Click here to check out the video.

Game of Thrones stars aid global refugee crises

HBO and its hit series Game of Thrones have partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to launch a ‘Rescue Has No Boundaries‘ campaign in support of those suffering in the global refugee crises. The initiative is being led by Lena Headey – known for her role as Cersei Lannister – and features a stack of GOT cast members. The online spot sees the actors encouraging donation and is being amplified with the hashtag #RealmToTheRescue, in a nod to Game of Thrones’ Seven Kingdoms. A dedicated microsite has also been set up as part of the campaign and consumers can enter to win fan experiences, including access to the season six premiere and after party, with a $10 donation.

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