Unlock your Smart Phone with a finger doodle

What Next?

Giant Cadbury eggs emerge from the Loch Ness

Cadbury has dropped three large eggs – all the height of a double decker bus – into the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, making it look like the Loch Ness Monster is slowly emerging from beneath the surface. Yikes. The stunt is part of Cadbury’s Easter campaign to make them synonymous with this time of year. It also builds on its 15-year partnership with The National Trust and the Easter egg hunts it organises. The eggs, have been slowly rising from the water in a throwback to old images of the mysterious underwater monster. It’s also scaring the bejesus out of tourists.

App of the Week

Go forth and react

Facebook recently rolled out Reactions as a Like button alternative that gives user six emoji expression to choose from. Not impressed? Try this; a new Firefox and Google Chrome browser extension called Reaction Packs can give you other options. The plug-in lets you swap out Facebook’s built in emoji with sets of custom reactions, including sets of Pokemon, Donald Trump and (the dreamy) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – themed emoji.

TV Ratings

Habibs! a ratings hit for Nine

My Kitchen Rules – Tues Ch 7 1,496,000
My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,473,000
My Kitchen Rules – Wed Ch 7 1,372,000
My Kitchen Rules – Sun Ch 7 1,325,000
Wanted – Tues Ch 7 962,000
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 887,000
Downton Abbey – Mon Ch 7 813,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 805,000
Here Come the Habibs! – Tues Ch 9 796,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 792,000

The pre-roll ad wars are hotting up

Insurance firm Geico has followed its hugely successful ‘Unskippable’ ads with a new series that dares a user to ‘fast forward’ through compelling YouTube ads. It continues to play off their previous campaign, with the insight that people don’t want to watch pre-roll ads on YouTube (obviously), but this time makes a much cheekier play to get you to go and watch the full length ad inside YouTube. Geico understand that those first 5 seconds are crucial. Watch here:

Unlock your Smart Phone with a finger doodle

A study by WINLAB at the Rutger’s University has put free-form drawing recognition to the test with results showing it could be a better way of logging in. The test made use of Protractor, a single stroke gesture recogniser built by Google Research’s Yang Li. This gesture recognition approach is up to six times faster and more efficient. If it all works out, users can say goodbye to conventional four-digit number or password and draw their favourite shape instead.

Sony to provide the ultimate sound experience

Sony is on a mission to provide the ultimate sound experience by re-envisioning headphones. Their latest entry is N, a concept prototype from Sony’s Future Lab program. Although they are remaining tight lipped about N for the moment, what we do know is that they’ll debut the device and run through its features at SXSW this week. They’ve provided a little teaser video in the meantime, which appears to showcase waterproof, wireless and touch features. Watch here:

Gotham City up close and personal

Batman fans you’re in for a treat. Turkish Airlines has added Gotham City to its roster of destinations. Being the partner airline for Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice, highlighting Gotham City fit better than George Clooney in a bat suit. In the ad, big bad Ben Affleck makes an appearance as Bruce Wayne, saying “Thanks to a significant grant from my company, Wayne Enterprises, Gotham is being restored to its former glory” and Jesse Eigenberg, who plays Lex Luthor, is the one inviting the audience to visit the “reborn, rebuilt and stronger than ever” city. You can only imagine how much fun Turkish Airlines had with this one. Check it out:

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