This was the most tweeted Oscars moment ever

What Next?

Snapchat to help millennials save for retirement

Using Robo-Advisory technology, Snapchat is looking to further its outreach and expand into other industries. Seeking to hone in on their maturing millennial audience, Snapchat is ready to take the next step to help their loyal fanbase save for retirement. How does it work? Robo-Advisory technology makes algorithmic suggestions toward developing and implementing customised investments strategies and enables users to ‘click-and-invest’ directly into financial products via their mobile apps. If a Snapchat roboadvisor service does get up and running, its success is likely to play a large part in determining whether its competitors follow suit. Watch this space.

McDonald’s turn Happy Meals into VR goggles

Happy Goggles are here! McDonald’s Sweden is launching a promotion that invites kids to turn Happy Meal boxes into virtual-reality viewers for 2 weekends only. Around 3,500 of them will be made available at 14 restaurants over the weekends of March 5 and March 12 and will cost around $4. The push is tied to the Swedish “Sportlov” recreational holiday, where many families go skiing. McDonald’s created a ski-themed VR game with this in mind called “Slope Stars,” for use with the Goggles (though they work just as well with any mobile VR experience). The game can also be played in a less immersive fashion without them. Here’s how they work:

TV Ratings

MKR can’t be stopped

My Kitchen Rules – Mon Ch 7 1,570,000
My Kitchen Rules – Tues Ch 7 1,447,000
My Kitchen Rules – Wed Ch 7 1,437,000
My Kitchen Rules – Sun Ch 7 1,425,000
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 910,000
Wanted – Tues Ch 7 899,000
Here Come the Habibs! – Tues Ch 9 893,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 880,000
Home and Away – Wed Ch 7 866,000
Downton Abbey – Mon Ch 7 849,000

Fill up and pay from inside your car with Visa

Visa showed off a connected car app built within a Honda model at the Mobile World Congress last week. The app is part of the car’s dashboard and alerts consumers when their fuel tank is low. Once someone pulls into a service station, the app will determine how much fuel the car needs using Bluetooth technology that triggers the payment from inside the car to the pump. This allows the person to chill in the comfort of their Honda while it does everything for them. Each car stores a token number that is tied to a bank account which, unlike credit card numbers that scammers can rip off, can’t be used to buy anything outside of the car. Following this Visa says people will be able to purchase food and drinks from inside the station and servo’s could then push specific discounts like a coupon for coffee to the person based on their purchase behaviour. The connected car app will be piloted this year, but we still don’t know how far away the real thing is.

Match designer dresses with Airbnb rentals

For fashionistas who are sticklers for coordination, Airbnb has rounded up a list of rentals that match designer wear straight off the runway with fashion week in full swing. Can’t bear to clash with the carpet? Airbnb has an apartment for that. There’s Victoria Beckham’s flowy, vichy-checked dresses matched with a loft in Bangkok where a black and white checkered carpet offsets an industrial, slate grey loft. For the more Bohemian princess, à la Manish Arora’s is matched perfectly to a gypsy caravan decked out in unapologetically bold turquoises from the South of France. Airbnb will continue to provide recommendations throughout fashion month as the world gears up for shows in Paris this week.

This was the most tweeted Oscars moment ever

Millions of people that tuned in to the Academy Awards watched Leonardo DiCaprio win his first Oscar for his performance in “The Revenant.” Many of them were also celebrating the victory on Twitter. So step aside Ellen, Leo’s first Oscar win officially takes the top spot as the most tweeted Oscar moment in history. That big moment hit about 440,000 tweets per minute. Which is a big deal considering Ellen’s star studded selfie recorded around 255,000 per minute. It helps that more people are on, or are at least using, Twitter than were two years ago, but it was definitely bound to happen. The only thing people seemed disappointed about was the death of the Oscar Leo memes. RIP.



Google AMP challenges Facebook’s Instant Articles

Google AMP has landed. The search giant’s new feature promises to help mobile pages load quicker than ever and also combat ad fraud. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open-source project that’s supported by major publishers like the Daily Mail, social platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and advertising networks including OpenX. AMP tackles the code-overload issue and brings AMP-approved news articles to the top of search results on smartphones. When readers click on such a link, the page appears almost instantly. Google AMP will lighten the load for users’ wireless mobile plans, which could decrease their likelihood to use ad blockers.

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