Grease revival was a huge success

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Land Rover wants you to see winter differently

Land Rover has adopted Instagram-like filters as part of its longstanding #Hibernot campaign in various locations throughout Europe. The out-of-home campaign is designed to encourage people to see winter differently. They’re using real-time footage of urban winter landscapes and applying filters as people pass by, turning the screens into ‘window frames’. Their strategy? To underline the brand’s specialism in car engineering for adverse and wintery weather conditions. Either way, it definitely makes an otherwise bleak and long European winter seem not so bad.



Australia’s final hope of crashing the Superbowl

Peter Carstairs is our final hope to Crash the Super Bowl. Despite a chance to win a lavish prize pack – including working on a major feature film – Carstairs says the real prize will be cracking the advertising industry. This guy amazingly made the final three of the Doritos-branded comp which allows industry creatives to make their own commercials for the brand. If he wins, he’ll take him US$1 million the chance to work with director Zac Snyder on a Warner Brothers’ film and have their work aired during the Super Bowl to an audience of millions. Watch ‘Doritos Ultrasound’ here:

TV Ratings

Australia fell in love with Angelique Kerber on Saturday

2016 Australian Open: Women’s Final Presentation – Sat Ch 7 1,769,000
2016 Australian Open: Men’s Final Presentation – Sun Ch 7 1,682,000
2016 Australian Open: Men’s Doubles Final – Sat Ch 7 1,626,000
2016 Australian Open: Men’s Final – Sun Ch 7 1,619,000
2016 Australian Open: Women’s Final – Sat Ch 7 1,393,000
I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Opening Night – Sun Ch 10 1,324,000
Twenty/20 – AUS V India Game 1 – Tues Ch 9 1,280,000
2016 Australian Open: Night 11 – Thurs Ch 7 1,227,000
I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Welcome to the Jungle – Sun Ch 10 1,081,000
Twenty/20 – AUS V India Game 2 – Fri Ch 9 1,037,000

H&M Conscious is ready for its close-up

The retail giant’s ethical label-within-a-label, launched a range of sustainably produced, organic-certified products for the skin, hair, and body. The Conscious Beauty collection features shampoo, hand cream, face masks, aluminium free deodorant and even men’s fragrances. Hitting stores this month, with new items rolling out through March, the Conscious Beauty collection is described by H&M as “good for people, the planet and your wallet”. How very responsible.

Toy giants get real

In the past week, both Barbie and Lego have actioned tangible responses to years of consumer backlash concerning the lack of diversity in their products. Lego listened to the consumer driven #ToyLikeMe campaign petitioning to include disabled figures when they released a figure in a wheelchair this week, featuring a beanie-hatted character alongside a helper dog. Barbie usually don’t budge when it comes to changing the iconic design of their dolls, but in 2015 they seemed to be changing their tune with a few totally un-barbie moves, including drastic changes in their advertising strategy and the inclusion of boys in their marketing material. This time, they’ve expanded their collection to include tall, curvy and petite dolls. Still no sign of dad bod Ken.

Mixing burgers and bikinis

Carl’s Jr has landed Down Under. The American Burger giant opened its first of a planned 300 stores yesterday in Bateau Bay in the Central Coast (of all places) and is set to bring all the raunchy advertising and artery blocking goodness it’s renowned for. There are 900 McDonald’s and 390 Hungry Jacks restaurants in Australia, meaning Carl’s Jr will be taking a sizable chunk of the fast-food market if it reaches that target. Carl’s have used Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton and a string of Sports Illustrated models in their TV commercials for years, so we can all but wonder how they’ll localise it for Aussies. In case you need your memory jogged, here’s Paris Hilton eating a Carl’s Jr burger back in 2005:

Viral Video of the week

Grease revival was a huge success

Fox’s first foray into the live musical craze that’s been sweeping the airwaves was an unqualified success, as the three-hour broadcast of “Grease: Live” put up some of the network’s strongest ratings numbers this season. Social media was quick to dub Vanessa Hudgens’ rendition of There Are Worse Things I Could Do as the highlight of the show. Insiders said there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience during her performance, considering she was mourning the loss of her father who passed away only a few hours before. What a star. Watch the clip here:

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