Tarantino crashes ‘The Hateful Eight’ screening in Melbourne

What Next?

Starman gets his own constellation

With songs like Space Oddity, Life on Mars? and Starman, it’s clear the universe was a major inspiration to David Bowie. So, naturally he should have his own constellation. Bowie now has a symbolic home among only 88 existing constellations thanks to DDB Brussels and MIRA Public Observatory, recorded at the time of his death to honour him. Google Sky also developed a virtual star constellation called ‘Stardust for Bowie’ where fans can assign their favourite Bowie song to the constellation with a personal note.  The Bowie lightning bolt fills up with tiny stars, each representing a fan’s message and the constellation shines brighter.

The struggle is real, Apple

It’s a pain the a*%^ when you can’t make it to 2pm without urgently needing iPhone charger. Apple want you to know they understand. They’ve acknowledged the meager battery life, and are offering a temporary fix until they have a permanent solution. Their quick-fix solution, (that you can try right now) is to restart your device, go to Settings – General – Date & Time and turn on “Set Automatically.” Let’s be honest, we were expecting a more exciting solution, but this will suffice for now. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

TV Ratings

Cricket dominated ratings, so here are the runners up

Border Security: International – Sun Ch 7 734,000
Border Security: Australia’s Front Line – Mon Ch 7 703,000
The Project – Mon Ch 10 683,000
Better Homes and Gardens Summer – Fri Ch 7 683,000
The Chase Australia – Mon Ch 7 592,000
The Project – Wed Ch 10 589,000
Make You Laugh Out Loud – Thurs Ch 7 586,000
Motorway Patrol – Sun Ch 7 579,000
The Force: Behind The Line – Sun Ch 7 577,000
Highway Patrol – Wed Ch 7 576,000

Download Whatsapp for 99c less

You read correct. Whatsapp have announced they are dropping the subscription fee, making the service free for all. AND, no ads! It’s all good news, but how on earth are they going to generate revenue without their primary source of income? The most likely scenario is that Whatsapp will begin charging organisations and businesses for establishing channels with their users through the service. Although we are yet to hear confirmation of this theory, for the near 1 billion Whatsapp users, this is ideal.


The marketing team at Twentieth Century Fox are ballsy.  The latest billboard for Ryan Reynolds’ new action film, Deadpool is sending fans all sorts of mixed messages. The campaign kicked off with a billboard ad positioning the Marvel movie as a romance flick (because it’s being released around Valentine’s Day). The latest, is a billboard with a skull and poop emoji with an L chucked onto the end. No one can quite figure out whether it’s truly a romance, comedy or action thriller. So we’ll have to go see it to be sure. Genius.

Tarantino crashes ‘The Hateful Eight’ screening in Melbourne

It isn’t every day one of Hollywood’s most recognised directors drops into your local cinema to say g’day, especially in the land down under. But, that’s exactly what happened for the unsuspecting fans attending a screening of The Hateful Eight when Quentin Tarantino, Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson dropped in to greet their supporters at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville. The press didn’t make it in time to cover the story but the fans went nuts on social media – go figure. Hey Quentin, if could let us know next time you drop by to say hi, that’d be great.

Viral Video of the Week

Adele fan creates ‘Hello’ parody, asking for free concert tickets

“Hello? It’s me. I was wondering if you could send me two tickets for free”. Janee Bradford, from Charlottesville, Virginia is a huge Adele fan with self-confessed “empty pockets”, not deep enough to afford tickets to Adele’s up and coming show. Bradford has been featured on NBC after her parody wracked up over 400,000 views on Facebook. We’re unclear whether Adele has seen the video, or if Bradford’s in the running for some free tickets, but kudos for trying! A+. Watch the video here.

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