L’Oreal debuts stretchable electronic UV monitor

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Burberry arrives on Apple TV

Burberry has launched on Apple TV. Fashionistas rejoice. The UK fashion house live streamed its menswear show on its new app on Monday, making them the first luxury brand to broadcast a fashion show live on the platform. The app also offers access to a collection of Burberry Acoustic films from emerging British musicians, highlights from the brand’s previous runway shows and beauty tutorials. Burberry continues to propel itself into the future as one of the industry’s leading innovators. They were an early adopter of Snapchat and recently streamed their Spring 2016 show and campaign shoot on Periscope.

Who wants to age 40 years in 15 minutes?

At the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Genworth showcased an exoskeleton suit designed to make those wearing it feel as if they’ve aged 40 years. The suit adds on weight, restricts movement, and simulates a number of age-related conditions to give users a feel for the types of medical issues they might encounter as they grow older. The R70i Aging Suit’s goal is to raise awareness for age-related conditions in a tangible way.

Tv ratings

Big audience watches Big Bash

Cricket: Big Bash League Game 19 – Session 2 – Mon Ch 10 887,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 26 – Session 2 – Sun Ch 10 838,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 20 – Session 2 – Tues Ch 10 837,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 26 – Session 1 – Sun Ch 10 817,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 21 – Session 2 – Wed Ch 10 811,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 19 – Session 1 – Mon Ch 10 789,000
Highway Patrol – Wed Ch 7 777,000
Border Security: Australia’s Front Line – Mon Ch 7 772,000
Border Security: Australia’s Front Line – Tues Ch 7 771,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 21 – Session 1 – Wed Ch 10 771,000

Netflix is everywhere

From Singapore to St. Petersburg, San Francisco to Sao Paulo, more nations across the globe are fast becoming part of the ‘Netflix and Chill’ movement. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently switched on video streaming in 130 countries. This is a pretty dramatic increase since they were sitting at 60 connected countries just 1 week ago. Netflix continues to grow and dominate the streaming space, with a reported 12 billion hours of programming watched in the fourth quarter of 2015, up from 8.25 billion hours during the same time period in 2014. Can you say, “make it reign”?

L’Oreal debuts stretchable electronic UV monitor

L’Oreal and PCH have come together to develop and manufacture personalised beauty products that are a whole lot smarter than your average moisturiser. First cab off the rank this year is the My UV Patch. It’s the first connected cosmetic UV-ray monitor available to consumers. The stretchable skin sensor patch has the potential to disrupt how we monitor the skin’s exposure to external factors like UV rays, and can inform consumers how to protect against them. L’Oreal unveiled the My UV Patch at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

Amy Poehler and Twitter partner up for Golden Globes

“Who are you wearing?” is the most asked question at every major Hollywood awards ceremony broadcast in history, and E’s Mani Cam managed to tick off Cate Blanchett in 2014. Last year, starlets put a foot down. The #AskHerMore campaign ran in 2015 and heap of celebs (including Reese Witherspoon and Lena Dunham) threw in their support. This year, Amy Poehler and Twitter joined forces to launch the #SmartGirlsAsk campaign, which ran backstage in the winner den of the Golden Globes on Monday night. The Smart Girls team asked winners insightful questions pulled from Twitter that went beyond the usual “who are you wearing?” banter. Watch every Smart Girls answer here.

Samsung unveils their “lazy person’s” fridge

You can now check how much milk you have left without even opening your fridge. Samsung unveiled their new Family Hub smart fridge at the CES press conference this week. Complete with sensors, cameras, smart capabilities and a huge touch screen display the fridge is part of Samsung’s strategy to deliver ‘life-hacks’ that make the mundane tasks more efficient. The fridge’s cameras can even remotely access the real time images from any location through your smartphone, and also use the Family Hub to order groceries online through the new “Groceries by MasterCard” smart fridge app.

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