Nissan transforms their cars into video game controllers

Late last year Nissan turned the ordinary driving experience into entertainment with the introduction of The Controller – a concept product that basically lets users play the popular PlayStation game Pro Evolution Soccer with a Nissan. Some great technology backs the innovation and has accordingly been a hit with fans – so much so that Nissan has just revealed plans to take The Controller setup on tour in 2016.


Canon is helping tourists get the perfect shot

Good news for all the photography challenged out there, Canon has come to the amateur photographer’s rescue. Three pop-up smart billboards have been installed around New York’s most photographed locations such as Flatiron, Central Park South and the Brooklyn Bridge at Fulton Ferry.  These are powered by real-time API data, display weather conditions, location, traffic and time of day to help snappers take the best photo. Each location will also have photography experts dispensing advice to those in need.


I don’t like cricket, I love it

National Free to Air Station Audience
Second Test – AUS V West Indies Session 3 – Mon Ch 9 986,000
Second Test – AUS V West Indies Session 2 – Mon Ch 9 949,000
Second Test – AUS V West Indies Session 3 – Tues Ch 9 887,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 17 – Session 1 – Sat Ch 10 778,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 16 – Session 2 – Sat Ch 10 765,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 18 – Session 2 – Sun Ch 10 757,000
Cricket: Big Bash League Game 18 – Post Game – Sun Ch 10 747,000
Border Security: International – Sun Ch 7 742,000
Third Test – AUS V West Indies Session 3 – Sun Ch 9 718,000
The Cricket Show – Mon Ch 9 714,000
28/12 – 3/01

Viral Video of the Week

Introducing Watermelon Boy

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s #WatermelonBoy. The first viral sensation for 2016 (and our new hero) comes in the form of an Aussie kid and his trusty watermelon. Reported by just about every media outlet on the planet, circulating videos of the young man eating every part of his watermelon at the cricket has gathered over a million views on Facebook and over 800,000 views on YouTube in a few days. Keep doing you, #WatermelonBoy.

Tourism Victoria’s brilliant Periscope experiment

Tourism Victoria is bringing Melbourne to your hands with a Periscope campaign to guide you through the vivid city. Using the platform’s live streaming capabilities, the viewer is able to tour Melbourne without even getting out of bed through a complete and immersive view of the city’s surroundings. Viewers are also able to ask questions and direct the stream to areas they want to see. Try before you buy through Periscope, brilliant.

Beyoncé’s stylist creates phone case for selfies

New year, new selfie. 2016 brings with it a ‘selfie-elevating’ phone case called the Ty-Lite. Created by Beyoncé’s long time stylist, Ty Hunter, the case is fitted with a frame of LED lights with three different lighting settings: ‘warm’ for a glossy effect, ‘cool’ for outdoor lighting, and ‘brilliant’ for ‘extra glam’. The case provides its own battery source to ensure more glamourous selfies can be taken without chewing into your phone’s battery. The case already has the stamp of approval from various celebrities such as the Kardashian clan. Move over selfie sticks.

app of the week

To wear or not to wear?

If you’re spending way too much time in the morning picking an outfit, Va No Va might be the app for you. Based on the idea that friends will rely on each other as style guides, Va No Va lets the user take photos of potential style pieces and lets the friend or another viewer decide from wherever they may be. And alternatively, you can decide what your friend should wear. The power is in your hands people.

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