Santas take Bondi to break a world record

What Next?

Ikea is 3D printing edible ‘meatballs’

Ikea’s future living research lab Space10, had a visual exploration into what food design might look like in 20 years, with a focus on their beloved cafe meatball. The Mighty Powder Ball might tickle your fancy. It reflects on the trend for powered liquid meal replacements and could be made from nutrient-rich substances that provide necessary vitamins and minerals. Or, perhaps you’d be down for the Lean Green Algae Ball, which proposes using aquatic plants that could be grown in vertical fermentation tanks, saving land and water. The lab has taken into account 3D-printing technology that could be used to convert proteins from algae, beet leaves or insects into meals, as well as allowing users to customise their own nutrition. Very cool.

AirBnb hire an artist to sew portraits of the audience

Design Miami 2015 showcased Airbnb’s Belong Here Now, an interactive installation where creatives take up residency throughout the week and perform for an audience. This week, they invited fashion artist Michael-Birch Pierce to do a live drawing of some of the events visitors, using his super impressive free-motion sewing technique. In no more than 5 minutes, Pierce can create a contour line drawing on fabric with black thread including details in a person’s eyes and hair. All of the portraits at Belong Here Now were being collaged together on a single piece of fabric that would later hang in the installation.

TV Ratings

TBL Families finish on a high

TBL Families: Winner Announced – Tues Ch 10 1,034,000
TBL Families: Finale Night – Tues Ch 10 911,000
Home and Away – Wed Ch 7 824,000
Home and Away – Mon Ch 7 787,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 767,000
TBL Families – Mon Ch 10 726,000
RBT – Wed Ch 9 688,000
Better Homes and Gardens Summer – Fri Ch 7 670,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 645,000
The Force Behind the Line – Sun Ch 7 642,000

Adidas design the world’s first sustainable sneaker

During the sustainable innovation forum COP21 in Paris, Adidas revealed their partnership with Parley for the Oceans as well as a plan to launch an environmentally sustainable sneaker. The collaboration is indicative of Adidas’ move toward a more environmentally conscience future. They’re aiming to innovate and create using old, recycled ocean waste and have already started to make visible changes to their practices. This is the world’s first environmentally conscience concept shoe, consisting of an upper made with ocean plastic content, and a midsole which is 3D printed using recycled polyester and gill net content. Here’s an insight into their trip with the POS:

Viral video of the week

Meet the human selfie sticks

Taking the trending video mantle off Donald Trump for a while, is Instagram Husband. These are the guys behind those ‘candid’ insta pics of cute girls. They follow their spouses around taking thousands of shots, often letting their coffees get cold and sustaining physical injuries to get the perfect shot. This video captures the struggle of being a human selfie stick so accurately, and managed to resonate with millions of people all over the world both male and female. The video is sitting at over 4 million views on Youtube and has been shared on Facebook and Twitter thousands of times. Their site also encourages real life Instagram Husbands to share their stories. Watch here:


Santas take Bondi to break a world record

320 Aussie Santas hit up Bondi Beach yesterday in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘world’s largest surf lesson’. In the spirit of the festive season, locals paddled out and participated in a 30 minute surf lesson in their Santa gear as part of RedBalloon’s ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ activation. The event held true to all that RedBallon stands for  – the best gifts cannot be wrapped. Great brand activation for the silly season.

McDonald’s want you to direct fries

McDonald’s has given their Facebook fans access to the director’s chair for their ‘Bring Fries to Life’ campaign. Over a five episode series, fans will suggest how Detective Fry solves a Fry Town crime. The best scene suggestions will be brought to the big smart device screens with the names of participants to be forever immortalised by appearing in the film’s credit role. The final short film will premiere on December 26. Here’s the latest installment:

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