Issue 287 | 02 December 2015

What Next?

Can Brandalism take down the COP21 Climate Conference?

An organisation called Brandalism has hijacked over 600 outdoor ad spaces ahead of the COP21 Climate Conference. 82 artists replaced the ads with more ‘realistic’ and ‘honest’ artworks related to climate change across Paris, to protest the conference and mock the original messaging found throughout the Parisian streets. The posters reference some of the climate talks’ corporate sponsors including Air France, Dow Chemicals and GDF Suez (Engie). Many of these images use the same branding and voice as the original advertisement, forcing the audience to take a deeper look at the content of posters dotting their daily commute.

App of the week

Try before you travel with Lufthansa

While the planning of any big trip is exciting, the investment associated with it makes people want to ensure they have done their research. German airline Lufthansa, are making it a lot easier to win customers over by saving them both time and effort during this process. They’re experimenting with augmented reality for iOS to promote the added space in their Premium Economy section. After downloading the app, travelers launch the experience by drawing and scanning “something that flies” to see a Premium Economy seat appear on screen, allowing viewers to zoom in, rotate and learn more. Stay tuned for lift off.



The Block and Test Cricket leave Australians on cloud Nine

The Block – Winner Announced – Wed Ch 9 1,781,000
Third Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Sun Ch 9 1,670,000
The Block – Grand Final – Wed Ch 9 1,544,000
Third Test – Australia V NZ Session 2 – Sun Ch 9 1,222,000
The X Factor Grand Final – Winner Announced – Tues Ch 7 1,204,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 1,109,000
Third Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Fri Ch 9 1,049,000
The X Factor Grand Final – Tues Ch 7 1,045,000
Third Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Sat Ch 9 1,019,000
The X Factor – Mon Ch 7 1,010,000

Snaps for good will

For World AIDS day on December 1st, RED connected with Snapchat to release special filters for the day to support the global issue. In addition, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation generously donated $3 for every Snapchat sent using the filters. The fact that an organisation such as RED (they’ve raised 325 million dollars to fight against AIDS) used Snapchat as a preferred digital platform to push out a global campaign, just confirms its increasing popularity and ability to positively contribute to global initiatives.



Viral Video of the Week

Old Spice: A touching story of friendship

If you’ve been keeping up with Old Spice and their usual roster of hulking ambassadors, you would have come across and most likely had heart shaped eyes for Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. The latest chapter, Truce, part of the ongoing “Make a Smellmitment” campaign has racked up almost 4 million views on Youtube and 2 million on Facebook in less than a week. Watch the blossoming friendship unravel here.

Shop online. In a store.

All generations rejoice! Sephora are bringing the makeup tutorial trend of the moment to the real life retail experience. Aware of the need to create a physical space that adheres to its digital presence, the cosmetic heavyweight has introduced multiple touch screens to their San Francisco store. Consumers can now enter the physical store, and also shop autonomously online, while browsing through videos on makeup tutorials and routines as they go. Sephora are blurring the lines between bricks and mortar and digital, to delight the Youtube generation and to impress pretty much everyone else.

Don’t waste any more time

Christmas is around the corner and although we’re all bombarded with shouty marketing messages, we think this gift may appeal to your ethical side. NEW TIME, is a wall clock designed by Veronika Szalai made of cotton, metal and ABS plastic and requires just 1 AA battery to power it. This unique composition allows the clock to be crushed, crumpled and arranged to your liking, without being ruined. Customisable, durable, practical and sustainable. NEW TIME is 100% better than a gift card.

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