Levi’s make donating clothes super simple this Christmas

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Levi’s make donating clothes super simple this Christmas

It’s not the first of its kind but it is certainly one of the easiest for consumer to be involved. Levi’s has announced a partnership with Give Back Box in an effort to raise $50,000 for Goodwill by giving consumers the opportunity to donate their used clothes. Free shipping labels are available online for consumers to print off and any brand of clothing can be donated and shipped as usual. In addition, Levi’s are throwing in $5 for every item donated and they’ve promised to contribute at least $25,000 to the campaign. They have made it even easier to donate to help shift consumer behavior and extend the life of clothing items in future.

This iPhone case doubles as a VR headset

Introducing another impressive Kickstarter development which aims to make VR accessible to all by integrating it into our phones. Figment VR, virtual reality’s latest entry, is a Google cardboard that doubles as a mobile VR phone case that can ‘unbulk’ as you wish. Compatible with all iPhone 6 models, the mould is made of polycarbonate plastic coated in a silicone rubber for extra protection, so it’s sturdy enough to actually protect your phone.  It accounts for all of the hardware buttons, cameras and ports and is scratch resistant, so it sounds like a pretty great alternative to your average case.

TV ratings

Cricket season is officially here

The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,226,000
Second Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Mon Ch 9 1,024,000
The X Factor – Tues Ch 7 964,000
The X Factor – Mon Ch 7 958,000
The Block – Wed Ch 9 924,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 896,000
The Block – Tues Ch 9 860,000
Better Homes and Gardens – Fri Ch 7 846,000
The Biggest Loser Families – Tues Ch 10 814,000
Second Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Tues Ch 9 807,000

Digitally overloaded adults should colour in more

We’re digitally overloaded. And the solution is to get your hands on a good colouring in book. After 112 years in the business, Crayola says colouring away will help you deal with stress at home. So, they’re debuting an adult colouring book and colouring supplies line called Color Escapes, and this is no fad – it’s going mainstream. Crayola has strategically launched the line of books for the holiday season, where everyone can take a break from their busy schedules and let loose in an art escape.

This movie is locked in a bulletproof safe until 2115

Don’t hold your breath for this one. Louis XIII has created a film, imagining the world 100 years from today, and we won’t get to see it in our lifetime. ‘100 Years’ is an original film starring John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) that envisions Earth in a century, and was inspired by the legacy of craftsmanship and time. Production of the film has finished and it has been placed in a special safe, featuring bulletproof glass and a timer that records the time and date upon closure which counts down one hundred years. The safe cannot open until the one hundred year countdown is complete. Cue spine tingling.

There has been an awakening in the force… on Google

Disney and Google have teamed up to ensure you don’t go five minutes without seeing something about The Force Awakens. Users can now infuse a Star Wars theme into their everyday apps. First, they must choose whether they want to join the light (like Obi-Wan) or dark side (like Darth Vader) of the Force just like all Jedi before them, and the changes are immediately visable. If you choose the light side? The progress bar on YouTube transforms into a lightsaber and the the pegman in Google Maps becomes a Rebel pilot. If you choose the dark side? You’ll have to cross over to find out. Here’s a demo:

Facebook wants to help ‘manage’ interactions with your ex

If you’ve ever had to change your relationship status to ‘single’, you’ll appreciate this new Facebook initiative. The social network will trial the new tool that aims to help people manage how they interact with their ex after their relationship has ended. When people change their status to indicate they are no longer in a relationship, they will be prompted to try a variety of tools that will allow them to limit the photos, videos or status updates that an ex will see. Also, without having to unfriend or block a former partner, Facebook will make sure their name and profile picture do not appear in the site’s news feed. Facebook has your back.

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