The first boy in a Barbie ad is “so fierce”

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Crazy Tomb Raider fans fight for billboard survival

Cruel or cool? Microsoft Xbox strapped eight people onto a billboard in the middle of London for 24 hours the other day. The last person standing won a Tomb Raider inspired, all-expenses paid trip. Never mind the fact that they had to stand still for 24 hours, they endured snow storms, gushing winds and rain resulting in a couple of cases of hypothermia. It sounds harsh, but the thousands of fans who applied to take part were all for it and tuned in to watch the live stream on Twitch. “The Survival Billboard” was designed to promote the new Tomb Raider game coming out on the Xbox One this year.

Dear Apple, bring art to the world

You can search for Apps in categories like shopping, lifestyle and education in Apple’s App Store. But where do popular Apps like “Poetics,” a visual poetry app and “Adobe Photoshop Sketch” sit? Two artists and a gallerist want to add an Art category to the mix, so they’ve started a petition called ArtApp, and rightly so. When contemporary artists have the ability to create work merging culture and technology, it shouldn’t be so hard to track down art-related apps to allow them to do so. In case you were wondering, here’s a list of the apps they want added to the category.

Tv ratings

Ready for Take-off flies high

Ready for Take-off – Fri Ch 9 1,119,000
Second Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Sun Ch 9 1,097,000
Second Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Fri Ch 9 1,057,000
The X Factor – Tues Ch 7 1,046,000
The Block – Wed Ch 9 1,037,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 1,027,000
The Block – Tues Ch 9 1,003,000
The X Factor – Mon Ch 7 977,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 968,000
Second Test – Australia V NZ Session 3 – Sat Ch 9 961,000

The artist behind the world’s most shared image

This illustration has become synonymous with solidarity thanks to social media. French illustrator and graphic designer, Jean Jullien, sketched a reworked peace sign featuring the silhouette of the Eiffel tower in response to the horrible violence  in Paris on Friday 13th. On his personal Instagram account the post received 160,000+ likes, 1.5 million on Instagram’s repost and nearly 60,000 retweets within 24 hours. Jullien’s mastered the art of social commentary through illustration and pushes each image through his Instagram account (@jean_jullien) at a pertinent time, which is why his 316,000 followers are so hooked. He’s worth a follow.

This patch will remind you to hydrate

The team at MC10, a wearable tech developer for consumers beyond professional athletes, decided it was time for wearable tech to conform to humans. So, they’ve designed a band-aid like product that acts as a second skin, to track real-time hydration levels called Hydration Sensor. The device sends mobile alerts to notify the person of how much they need to drink to keep their hydration levels stable. We’ve definitely come a long way, us humans, if we have trouble recognising something as basic as thirst.

The first boy in a Barbie ad is “so fierce”

Is 2015  Barbie’s milestone year? In a first for the brand, the ad for the new Moschino collector’s doll features a young boy, who is also a dead ringer for the luxury brand’s creative director, Jeremy Scott. Why? Because boys love Barbie too, and they should be proud of that. Apparently the Moschino Barbie sold out in less than an hour following its release, and the brand credits the casting of a super stylish stud. Fans of the ad took to social media, thanking Barbie for squashing stereotypes. Watch the ad here:

Viral video of the week

15 million people tune in to Waleed Aly. On Facebook.

If you checked your newsfeed yesterday chances are you saw The Project’s Waleed Aly, deliver a powerful view on ISIL. 5 hours after the video was posted on The Project’s Facebook page on Monday night, it was viewed by 5 million people, shared 200,000 times and was a global viral sensation by Tuesday morning. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Aly’s point of view, that fact is this segment, along with most TV content, is now designed, produced and optimised for multiple channels. This says a lot about our current consumption behaviour. In case you didn’t check your newsfeed, watch the video here.

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