Who knew pool noodles could be so artsy?

What Next?

Would you see the funny side of this ‘Spookermarket’ activation?

Retailers are really getting into Halloween this year, but this is one of the best activations so far. Supermarket, Tesco, took it to a frighteningly funny level with this spooky campaign, placing various actors in popular sections of the store to scare the bejesus out of customers. All of the pranks were captured in an online film with the intention of driving viewers to other videos on their YouTube channel, showing them how they can spookify their homes for Halloween. Watch the Spookermarket come to life here:

App of the week

Will Instagram’s new app take the kids away from Snapchat?

There’s no escaping the GIF movement. Now enter Boomerang, an app created by Instagram which allows users to take short photo bursts on their smartphone’s and convert them to action packed animated .gif files. Users shoot a one-second burst of five photos that are turned into a silent video. Once the file is saved it is shareable across both Instagram and Facebook from your camera roll, and can be looped and reversed. These feature allows users to better play with the final results of their files.

TV Ratings

The Bachelorette receives the final rose

The Bachelorette Australia – The Final Decision – Thurs Ch 10 1,522,000
The Bachelorette Australia – Finale – Thurs Ch 10 1,242,000
The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,238,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 1,081,000
The Bachelorette Australia – Wed Ch 10 1,030,000
The X-Factor – Mon Ch 7 1,028,000
800 Words – Tues Ch 7 1,019,000
The X-Factor – Tues Ch 7 1,003,000
The Block – Tues Ch 9 976,000
Border Security: Australia’s Front Line – Wed Ch 7 881,000

Bond joins Snapchat

If you’re a James Bond fan and you didn’t check your Snapchat stories yesterday, you really missed out. For 24 hours, Snapchat was a one-stop-shop for Spectre content. This is the first time Snapchat’s Discover channel has been used to show behind the scenes vignettes for a film, interviews with cast members and exclusive soundbites. So what did viewers get to see? A night-time car chase scene through Rome, challenging conditions in the Austrian Alps and a whole lot of Daniel Craig.

Viral video of the week

Could Drake’s interpretative dance be inspired by Mr G?

Drake’s Hotline Bling video inspired an outbreak of memes and dance mashups last week, but all pale in comparison to Chris Lilley’s version. Lilley posted a video of his Summer Height’s High drama teacher alter-ego dancing with Drake’s Hotline Bling playing over the top of the footage, and Australians seem to think it’s absolutely perfect. Lilley originally posted the revised version of the 2007 clip on his Facebook page, and it has accumulated over 3.3 million views since Sunday. Watch it on Facebook here.

What’s Tommy Hilfiger doing with a VR headset?

Anyone who walks into Tommy Hilfiger on 5th Ave in New York City can now experience a runway show from the front row. Lights, music, backstage access and all. Shoppers have the option to watch the latest Hilfiger Collection show in 3D, 360-degree virtual reality using a Samsung Gear VR device. Consumers aren’t usually invited to big fashion shows, so it will be interesting to see if they will feel inspired to buy product once they see the clothing in movement. The Tommy Hilfiger VR experience is now set to roll out globally over the next year.

Who knew pool noodles could be so artsy?

Using over 20,000 custom made extruded polyethylene foam rods (you’ll know them as pool noodles) this active event space encourages a wide demographic of users to interact with the installation over 150 structural wood decks. The piece, created called SoftMatter does not have a specific function, but the goal is to allow users to directly engage with the installation by exploring it and creating their own unique configurations.

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