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Disney continues to turn dreams into reality

It’s still a little while away, but the future of colouring in books is looking pretty special. A research team at Disney has developed live texturing of augmented reality which allows colouring in to jump off the page. The technology allows the user to watch as their characters come to life as they’re being coloured in. If this product can make its way to consumers, it will mark a great step forward for colouring book technology. It sounds unbelievable, but Disney has a way of making dreams come true for kids. Watch this video:

app of the week

Add a little oomph to your tweets

Ever felt like you needed to add a little emphasis to your character-limited tweets? Enter Bedazzle, a Chrome extension that provides access to a text editor whenever you feel like tweeting. This allows users to ‘fancify’ their tweets by replacing sections with unicode character equivalents. Simply highlight the word you wish to add unique emphasis and select which font represents the change you’re looking to make.

Can The Bachelorette make a comeback for the final rose?

The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,140,000
800 Words – Tues Ch 7 1,046,000
The X Factor – Tues Ch 7 1,017,000
The X Factor – Mon Ch 7 1,009,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 1,006,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 985,000
The Block – Tues Ch 9 962,000
The Bachelorette Australia – Thurs Ch 10 930,000
Highway Patrol – Wed Ch 7 883,000
The Bachelorette Australia – Wed Ch 10 879,000

Should Warnie’s face be on our $50 note?

If someone’s face is stamped on our money it’s a pretty big deal, right? So why don’t we know who’s on ours? Melbourne artist Aaron Tyler believes the time is right for ‘Straya Cash’. The photo-realistic illustrator has replaced Banjo Paterson and Edith Cowan with Dame Edna and Steve Irwin, with the project taking over a year to complete. People are pretty keen to see our currency have a facelift, just look at the ‘dollarydoos’ petition which now has over 43,000 signatures since last week. If you look closely at the attention to detail in Tyler’s art, you’ll also see meat pies, redback spiders and even John Farnham sporting the world’s greatest mullet.


The best sleep of your life

Do you live with a problem snorer? If the answer is yes, you need Nora to move in. Nora is designed to blend seamlessly into the background while you sleep, living underneath the pillow to work with whatever sleeping positing the snorer assumes. This device is based on the finding that air passages are in fact blocked when the neck muscles relax while sleeping, resulting in the dreaded snoring sound. Nora is active when it hears the snoring, then moves the head to clear the blockage and the snoring gone. Sounds pretty magical. Take a look at how it works:

This is what you really look like on your phone

Today, we are technically more connected than ever through the use of our smartphones, and social media, but, are we losing touch with the people sitting right next to us? New York based photographer, Eric Pickersgill believes so. Eric had the idea for the series, Removed, at a café when he noticed a family avoiding interaction with one another, transfixed by their screens. This thought provoking gallery demonstrates the social and physical implications of advances in technology and how they’re slowly revealing themselves in our society. Take a look at the full gallery here.

Website of the week

The world’s first text message based bottle-o

Cross your fingers this one launches in Australia soon, craft beer and spirits enthusiasts. Drinkeasy is a US based mobile service that suggests and delivers craft brews and spirits via text message communication. They blast out a monthly personalised text to their subscribers with recommendations, information on product price and a quick pitch of the products notes and origins. All of their featured products are rare and not readily available at the local blottle-o. If the user is keen to buy, they reply with a ‘Hell Yes!’ and the item is delivered.

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