Why is there a rotting hand outside the Opera House?

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Viral video of the week

No dream is too big when you own a Barbie

Barbie is directly targeting millennial parents for the first time in several years with their ‘You Can Be Anything’ campaign. The 56 year old Mattel toy company created an adorable new video using hidden cameras and bright young actresses pretending to be professionals in real-life settings, much to the amusement of the people around them. The ad is refreshingly real for Barbie, and the video has already racked up over 3 million views in 1 week on YouTube. Watch it here:

Website of the week

What will our planet look like in the year 2045?

A new interactive website by Swedish pension management company SPP highlights the impact our seemingly trivial choices can make to the environment by contrasting different visions of the future. The site allows you to manually drag a slider between two potential realities, with landscapes, food sources, news reports and fashion trends switching from bright and optimistic to grim and grey. Check it out (on desktop only) here.

TV Ratings

Bathurst 1000 draws super ratings

Ten’s V8 Supercars Round 10: Bathurst D3 Podium – Sun Ch 10 1,287,000
The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,156,000
Ten’s V8 Supercars Round 10: Bathurst D3 Race – Sun Ch 10 1,095,000
800 Words – Tues Ch 7 1,055,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 1,027,000
Beach Cops – Sun Ch 7 1,002,000
The Big Bang Theory – Tues Ch 9 970,000
Ten’s V8 Supercars Round 10: Bathurst D3 Wrap Up – Sun Ch 10 966,000
The X-Factor – Tues Ch 7 953,000
The X-Factor – Mon Ch 7 945,000

Why is there a rotting hand outside the Opera House?

An advanced screening of the uber popular Foxtel FX series, The Walking Dead, excited fans and attracted passerbys in front of the Sydney Opera House yesterday. FX launched a social media campaign to welcome the anticipated sixth season which was fast-tracked from the US to the delight of avid fans who were greeted by a 4ft rotting hand protruding from the steps. Zombie’s roamed around and visitors were encouraged to use the hashtag #TWDonFX. FX has released a ‘making-of’ video which you can watch here:

Sometimes a ‘like’ just doesn’t cut it

Do you like this issue of What Next? or maybe it’s a feeling of  ‘wow’, or ‘anger’? The point is, something has been missing on Facebook. A ‘like’ is not enough, and while Zuckerberg has teased at the addition of a ‘dislike’ or ‘sympathise’ button for a couple years now, Facebook is instead providing users with the option to chose from 6 different emoji’s. These added emojis are called ‘reactions’ and will be tested in Ireland and Spain before Facebook rolls it out across the globe to its other 1.5 billion users. Watch Zuckerberg’s Facebook video to see how it works.



Ditch your personal trainer for this $99 pair of shorts

Ok, it sounds a little weird but it’s really quite extraordinary. Activity software company, Lumo, has developed machine washable running shorts that incorporates the personal attention of a coach with the professional data of a lab. They measure things like bounce, cadence and stride length plus you can get post-run summary feedback from an auditory coach through headphones, all within the lining of your shorts. If you’re paying $90 to see your PT, you’d be crazy not to check this out.


App of the week

Move over Shazam

Everyone wants to be the first to discover a great song. The next step is to tell your friends about how great it is (and the fact that you found it first). Sounds allows people who discover great music on Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud to seamlessly share it via any social channel including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder. Cover art is used once someone has shared the song to disallow user-generated content, rather placing focus entirely on music. The app also showcases featured artists and trending tunes and they’re already working on a Shazam-like identification feature.

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