Issue 279 | 07 October 2015

What Next?

There’s now an actual ‘Netflix and Chill’ button

Netflix has introduced a prototype all-in-one device that can turn on your TV, dim the lights, silence your phone and fire up your Netflix with just the press of a button. The streaming service calls it “The Switch,” but the Internet has quickly dubbed it “The Netflix and Chill Button.” They’re encouraging you to build-it-yourself, with many customisable add-ons, here. Check it out:

How Ronaldo and Messi are helping keep London streets clean

With the aim of preserving the environment, research conducted by UK organization Hubbub found that cigarette butts were the most littered item on London streets. They decided to take action by placing panels that serve as voting ashtray containers around town, calling out to smokers to vote for their favorite sport teams or athletes. The questions will change weekly for the duration of the campaign, keeping in with the sports theme to serve the interests of targeted groups. Very clever!

TV Ratings

Who really won the Grand Final weekend?

National Free to Air Station Audience
AFL Grand Final: Hawthorn V West Coast – Sat Ch 7 2,635,000
Rugby League Grand Final – Sun Ch 9 2,315,000
AFL Grand Final Presentations – Sat Ch 7 2,205,000
Rugby League Grand Final Presentations – Sun Ch 9 2,202,000
AFL Grand Final: On the Ground – Sat Ch 7 2,048,000
AFL Grand Final: Post Match – Sat Ch 7 1,599,000
Rugby League Grand Final Entertainment – Sun Ch 9 1,308,000
800 Words – Tues Ch 7 1,288,000
The X Factor – Mon Ch 7 1,200,000
AFL Grand Final: Pre-Match Entertainment – Sat Ch 7 1,131,000

What does origami have to do with this luxury car manufacturer?

To celebrate the skills of its craftspeople, Lexus has built a full-size, drivable cardboard sedan using 1,700 sheets of precision-cut cardboard. Each 10mm thick, the cardboard sheets were glued together by hand in sequence, taking 10 minutes to set every time. The project used a digital 3D model of the sedan, and took a total of three months to assemble. Cool stuff – just don’t take it for a spin in the rain.

For $99 you can turn your smartphone into a 3D printer

We’ve seen some very odd and some very innovative 3D printer over the years, but this one might just top them all. OLO is designed to take any smartphone and transform it into a fully functional 3D printer – for no more than $99. That’s right, you can just fire up the app, pop your phone into the device, and pull out a completed part a few minutes later. Brilliant.

Viral video of the week

The Internet is freaking out over this mesmerising video

The Slow Mo Guys are at it again – this time slicing through jelly with a tennis racquet. Inspired by a Jell-O advert they came across on Reddit, the pair decided to test if it would be as beautiful as what the ad displayed. It’s surprisingly mesmerising to watch and almost 7 million others would agree.

App of the week

Is this the most hated app ever?

Introducing Peeple, the “Yelp-for-humans” – that’s right, it’s an app that lets you rate people publicly (sounds a bit awful, doesn’t it?). Last week, after unveiling the concept, the founders were universally criticised by celebrities and major publishers alike. The polarizing response has forced the developers to remove some of the more controversial features and since, the apps website has disappeared. Lets hope it stays that way.

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