Did you catch the greatest 24 hours of TV ever?

What Next?

This 3D laser printer turns your desk into a factory

Always dreamt of engraving your own sushi? Maybe not, but the Glowforge printer can do a stack of other things from personalising your laptop to etching a wallet, all by using a laser beam the width of a human hair. Unlike the additive plastic melting 3D printers we’ve seen in the past, the Glowforge design works by burning to your desired shape, precisely cutting or embossing materials, which can then be put together to create works of art. Inside this seemingly regular inkjet lookalike is a 45-watt laser that accurately burns through a quarter inch of plywood or acrylic which is perfectly safe to use with food, and is totally beginner friendly. Start saving.

Did you catch the greatest 24 hours of TV ever?

Premium network giant HBO is home to some of the best TV programs we’ve ever seen, and they know it. Viewers were invited to vote for their favourite TV moments via their personal social media profiles using the hashtag #GreatestDayInTVEver and the outcome was nothing short of binge worthy. Audiences tuned in on September 26 to watch the ultimate compilation of popular scenes including The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones and Jamie’s private school girl meltdown in Summer Heights High. This epic marathon also included older favourites like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos.

TV Ratings

New Aussie drama brings in record ratings

800 Words – Tues Ch 7 1,192,000
The X Factor – Mon Ch 7 1,132,000
The X Factor – Tues Ch 7 1,092,000
Rugby League Final Series PF2 – Sat Ch 9 1,065,000
The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,052,000
The X Factor – Sun Ch 7 1,011,000
Rugby League Final Series PF1 – Fri Ch 9 1,010,000
The Bachelorette Australia – Thurs Ch 10 973,000
The X Factor – Wed Ch 7 953,000
The Block – Mon Ch 9 952,000

Help your pet take the perfect selfie

Attention pet parents. This nanny cam style device called PetBot, is designed to keep you well connected to your beloved when you aren’t around. The PetBot is no bigger than a shoebox and uses ‘petificial’ intelligence to detect your cat or dog’s face in front of the lense. The device will then play sounds to try to coax them closer, a short video is taken and a treat is deployed. Breathe a sigh of relief. With PetBot you’ll never have to worry about their wellbeing again, plus you get a whole library of selfies to look through in your down time.

If this is the future of grocery shopping, bring it on

Expo 2015 literally brought the goods. The extravagant event centred around the theme of “Feeding the plant. Energy for life” and Italian grocery chain, Coop, skilfully demonstrated what the evolution of the supermarket might look like. Using motion detectors and hologram technology, they’ve designed counter animates to tell customers where the produce had been grown and its nutritional information. Coop’s vision of the digital marketplace also includes the use of robotic arms that pack groceries and holograms to replace printed in-store communications as well as suggest food pairings and recipes based on the ingredients customer’s picked. And you thought self-service checkouts were innovative?

Viral video of the week

Reading What Next? in your activewear

Wellness has become an important part of the luxury lifestyle. The green juice is a display of wealth, discipline and responsibility and the most fashionable brands to be seen in are Nike, Lululemon and Lorna Jane. All female comedy group, The Skit Box took the opportunity to poke fun at this very real trend after they noticed more and more how many women were wearing activewear to do very mundane inactive things, including themselves. Their hilarious parody ‘ACTIVEWEAR’ is so on point it’s reached 5 million views on Facebook.

App of the week

How to cut the awkwardness out of borrowing money from friends

Lending money to family and friends is an awkward process. Ledge aims to fix this issue being the middle man, which should bring music to parents’ ears. Lenders pledge an amount and upon being fully funded the campaign will close. After approval, Ledge will automatically use Venmo to transfer money to the borrower from all the lenders. It then automatically calculates payments for lender, making monthly transfers from the borrower Venmo account once the loan period starts. This free iOS app brings automation and transparency to the lending process so those annoying conversations (or confrontations) can be easily avoided.

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