Issue 277 | 22 September 2015

What Next?

What is KFC doing at London Fashion Week?

KFC and London Fashion Week don’t often appear in the same sentence. So, when KFC partnered with British designer Katie Eary to promote their “Pack More Into Lunch” challenge, the stunt drew quite a crowd. Katie and her team of 100 were challenged to design an entire fashion show within the hour to launch KFC’s new healthy lunch alternative, Ricebox. A task that would normally take 4 months of preparation is completed, and by the end Eary is crying tears of joy. Applauses, air kisses and Riceboxes are enjoyed by all, and the show is a success. Well done KFC. Watch the video here;

Will Gen Z consider cigarettes ‘Weapons of Mass Ridiculousness’?

Vans and the US national tobacco campaign “truth” have teamed up to encourage youth to kick smoking to the curb. The print on the latest design illustrates alternatives to smoking including 3D glasses, tacos, ice cream and eggs. This is an extension of the popular Erase ‘N Replace app that allows users to take photos of people smoking and replace them with other objects such as fire or a trumpet. The Weapons of Mass Ridiculousness campaign is aimed at teens in an effort to encourage them to be the generation that ends smoking for good.

TV Ratings

The final rose ceremony puts The Bachelor ahead of the pack

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Bachelor Australia: The Final Decision – Thurs Ch 10 1,484,000
The X-Factor – Sun Ch 7 1,260,000
The Bachelor Australia: Finale – Thurs Ch 10 1,228,000
The X-Factor – Mon Ch 7 1,220,000
800 Words – Tues Ch 7 1,219,000
Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door Part 2 – Sun Ch 7 1,212,000
The X-Factor – Tues Ch 7 1,136,000
The Bachelor Australia – Wed Ch 10 1,051,000
The Block – Sun Ch 9 1,037,000
The X-Factor – Wed Ch 7 934,000

Carry your heart in your wallet

For $150 you can purchase a portable heart monitor smaller than your credit card, and the design is very user friendly. The MOCAheart connects to your mobile through Bluetooth and can assess your heart’s health instantly with just a grip of the device. It measures blood oxygen levels, velocity and pressure and can determine how fast your heart is beating to give you a specially created MOCA index value. The best thing about this device is that it’s simple and can be easily carried around in a wallet, on a key chain or in its very own customised phone.

Viral video of the week

Why is Leo dancing to Uptown Funk?

Kudos to Mark Ronson for writing a song that can be played over practically any silver-screen dance routine. Clips from movies like Zoolander, Shrek, Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing and The Wolf of Wall Street (to name a few) are perfectly synched to arguably the best dance number of the decade. The video was posted by What The Mashup on Friday and has just hit the 6 million views mark. Nostalgic viewing at its best.

Walk with Elephants in Kenya with extraordinary new Google Street Views

Think moving around on the water in Venice, walking with elephants in Kenya and swimming with seals around the Galápagos Islands. Thanks to a team of trekking volunteers, these experiences will come to life via Google street view within the next two years. The team lead by Jonathan Steele are trekking throughout some of the untouched wonders of the world using Google Street View cameras to capture rare moments. Mapping these experiences will allow Google to showcase some pretty extraordinary sights, and you won’t need to leave your desk to see them.

App of the week

What app has got everyone Hooked?

You’ve probably thought some of your text message threads could be the makings of the funniest story every, and you might be onto something. A new app called Hooked delivers fictional stories to your smartphone in the form of a text conversation. Imagine sitting on the bus or train and reading through an entire narrative arc in five minutes? That’s the idea. Start screen shotting those good convos, in future, users will be able to post their own stories and follow their favourite authors.

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