Incredible drone footage captures man sunbaking 60 metres off the ground

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Ditch the yoga and head to this Rage Room for stress relief

If you’re feeling under the pump, squeezing a stress ball or listening to guided meditation might just not cut it. Enter the Rage Room. The Toronto-based initiative acts as a safe space for people to let off steam by having a half hour in a room armed with a baseball bat, full-body protective gear and a host of breakable items. Users can choose from vases, wine glasses, wooden chairs, and many others items to take their anger out on. It seems catharsis has got a new home, and it’s angry. 

Viral Video of the Week

Incredible drone footage captures man sunbaking 60 metres off the ground

During Summer, it can often be tough finding a spot on the beach with crowds of holiday-goers – but just how far would you go to catch a few rays? One man from Rhode Island is taking to the skies for his vitamin D dose, sunbaking atop a wind turbine 200ft off the ground. The incredible footage was captured by a holiday-maker using a drone – take a look at it below:

TV Ratings

The Voice ends on a high note

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Voice Grand Final – Winner Announced – Sun Ch 9 1,552,000
The Voice Grand Final – Sun Ch 9 1,504,000
Pets Make You Laugh Out Loud – Tues Ch 7 943,000
The Bachelor Australia – Wed Ch 10 906,000
The Bachelor Australia – Thurs Ch 10 900,000
Highway Patrol – Mon Ch 7 872,000
Home And Away – Tues Ch 7 855,000
The Hotplate – Mon Ch 9 854,000
The Hotplate – Tues Ch 9 817,000
The Force: Behind the Line – Wed Ch 7 792,000
24/08/15 – 30/08/15


Take a look inside the world’s first 360 virtual reality comedy sketch

Virtual reality and 360 degree integration are both features we’re seeing used more and more every day in the entertainment category. One up-and-coming director, Brendan Gibbons, has taken that to the next level with the world’s first virtual reality comedy sketch. The short clip fully integrates all the elements of a fully-immersive VR experience, making the viewer feel like a real participant in the conversation. In the not-so-distant future, it’s very possible that sketch shows could follow this formula. Check it out below:

App of the Week

Your future business partner could be a knock away

Yes, we’re all very used to tapping, swiping and pinching apps – but what about knocking? Knock Knock is a new app that aims to connect you in real-time with the people around you by knocking on your phone. Once a connection is established, you can exchange emails, phone numbers, social media, and store new contacts. Whether you’ve just met someone at a bar, or are establishing an important contact at a business event, Knock Knock facilitates networking like never before.

You might’ve seen 3D printing with plastic and rubber – but what about coffee?

If you’ve kept abreast of the incredible leaps and bounds that 3D technology has taken in the last few years, it will come as no surprise that printing filaments are becoming increasingly more diverse. Deliciously diverse. 3D printing masters, 3Dom, have invented a new filament made entirely of coffee byproduct, dubbed Wound Up. The filament is significantly more environmentally friendly than most others and produces a unique finish each time due to the inconsistent colour and darkness. The best part? It produces a “sweet, syrupy latte” smell as it heats up. This might just be what we’ve all bean waiting for.

Website of the Week

Kollecto is the art-buying mentor you’ve always wanted

A wise person once said, “the ‘Earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh“. And with the help of a handy little website, you might just take the “eh” out of your day. Kollecto is being dubbed as the world’s first “art-buying mentor”, sporting the very attractive tagline, “you don’t have to be rich to collect art“. The website aims to combat sinking gallery attendance numbers by matching users with art around the world. You can filter by style and budget, and over time, the site learns what you like and makes personal recommendations based upon what you’ve bought. Pretty crafty, huh?

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