Take a look inside the world’s first live-action zombie game controlled by Chatroulette

What Next?

Take a look at the world’s first bendable touch screen available to consumers

Consumers have been promised bendable smart screen technology for quite some time, with nothing having come to fruition yet. Thankfully, you can now own one for yourself, courtesy of Polyera. The Polyera Wove Band is a smartwatch with a fully flexible E-ink touch screen display that covers 75 percent of the product’s surface. The band snaps into place to fit the contours of the individual’s wrist. Not only is Polyera a fantastic fashion piece and talking point, it looks set to shape how we view smartwatches, and even wearable technology itself.

Viral Video of the Week

This surprise groomsmen dance is the best wedding performance you’ve ever seen

Viral wedding videos have been around since the dawn of the Internet – but this may just been the best one yet. Professional dancer, Kirk, surprised his bride-to-be with a dance compilation at their wedding, featuring a troupe of groomsmen. The group, who are performers with the Richmond Ballet, dance their way through everything from Mark Ronson to Britney Spears. You can take a look at the hilarious clip below:

TV Ratings

The Voice continues its reign atop the ratings charts

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Voice – Sun Ch 9 1,267,000
Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud – Tues Ch 7 1,039,000
The Hotplate – Mon Ch 9 905,000
The Hotplate – Tues Ch 9 888,000
The Bachelor Australia – Wed Ch 10 877,000
The Force – Behind the Line – Wed Ch 7 850,000
Highway Patrol – Mon Ch 7 838,000
Better Homes and Gardens – Fri Ch 7 824,000
Home and Away – Tues Ch 7 817,000
The Bachelor Australia – Thurs Ch 10 817,000
17/08/15 – 23/08/15


This bizarre movie is entirely powered by sweat

If your idea of the perfect movie-watching experience involves settling into a comfy seat with a generous serving of M&Ms, think again. Reebok partnered with a local cinema to get movie-goers on their toes with an interactive experience like no other. Mid-way through the film, a buffering icon appeared, with an on-screen message noting that the only way the movie could be watched was if guests powered it using the treadmills at the front of the cinema. This kind of interactive experience is an exciting look into how fitness brands might tackle increasing obesity rates around the world – with an added dose of laughs, too. You can view the stunt below:

App of the Week

The perfect gift can find you instead of vice versa with this fantastic app

Holiday season can be frustrating for many reasons – particularly when you don’t quite know what to buy loved ones. A handy new app, appropriately named Wisher, takes the guesswork out of gift giving. Users of the app can create wish lists, which their friends and family are able to view. When a loved one walks past the item in stores, the app will vibrate to notify them of it. Better yet, when the item is purchased, the user can then make a note of it in the app so that other friends don’t buy the same thing. Pretty neat, huh?

Take a look inside the world’s first live-action zombie game controlled by Chatroulette

Chatroulette, the infamous website that allows you to video chat to total strangers, has gotten a fairly bad rap over the years. Thankfully, a clever video effects studio has finally found a use for the service – and it’s fantastic. Realm Pictures created an immersive, real-life, first person zombie shooter game with a compelling storyline, zombies, weapons and challenges, with a twist – the player was entirely controlled by strangers on Chatroulette. We won’t give too much away, but we will say that it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Take a look at it below – if you dare:

Website of the Week

This website can turn any photo into a mosaic of emojis

Let’s face it – emojis are taking over the world. Now with furniture and even a movie, it was only a matter of time before they revolutionised real-life images, too. Thanks to a new website by Eric Andrew Lewis, a web developer for The New York Times, you can now turn any photo into an emoji mosaic. All you have to do is simply upload a photo, plug it into the generator, and receive your customised artwork. You can create your masterpiece here.

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