Aussie daredevil surfs waves on motorbike in this unbelievable stunt

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Move over, Harry Potter – the world’s first, real Invisibility Cloak is here

If you’ve ever fantasised what it might be like to wander the halls of Hogwarts under the invisibility cloak, this might be about as close as you’re ever going to get. Electrical engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have just designed a cloak that causes any object it’s draped over to vanish from sight. The invisibility cloak uses scattering light and radar waves to hide any object under it from plain sight – and while the senior author of the study says full invisibility is “beyond reach” at this time, there’s a possibility that it could become “a reality in the near future”.

Viral Video of the Week

Aussie daredevil surfs waves on motorbike in this unbelievable stunt

Aussie daredevil, Robbie Maddison, is no stranger to insane stunts, backflipping off the Tower Bridge, scaling an Arc de Triomphe replica, and flying across the Corinth Canal in Greece; but his latest venture might just be his wildest.

In partnership with DC shoes, Maddison created “Pipe Dream” – a clip about a motorbike that’s capable of traversing water and surfing waves. The video shows the Aussie stunning onlooking rowers and swimmers with a series of seemingly impossible water stunts atop the highly-modified dirt bike.

Take a look at the jaw-dropping clip below:

TV Ratings

Masterchef Finale roasts competition in the ratings

National Free to Air Station Audience
Masterchef Australia (Winner Announced) – Mon Ch 10 2,127,000
Masterchef Australia (Grand Final Part 2) – Mon Ch 10 1,840,000
The Voice – Sun Ch 9 1,467,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,457,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,367,000
Nine News 6:30 – Mon Ch 9 1,247,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,213,000
A Current Affairs – Tues Ch 9 1,162,000
Nine News – Tues Ch 9 1,154,000
Nine News 6:30 – Tues Ch 9 1,107,000
27/07/15 – 02/08/15

Why drink coffee when you can inhale it?

While coffee is a staple of the working person’s morning ritual, it chews up precious time in ensuring a timely arrival to work. Realising this, the innovators behind Eagle Energy Vapor have created a coffee that’s truly on-the-go – that is, inhalable caffeine. So how does it work?

The answer lies in the vaporiser’s unique blend of guarana, taurine and ginseng, which atomises and is released as a vapour when inhaled. Due to the fact that the caffeine is not taken into the digestive system, the effect is more immediate, which allows users to avoid side effects more readily. Watch this space – Eagle Energy might just be the first true disrupter in the energy consumables market.

App of the Week

Thanks to this app, the next big music video star is… you!

If you’ve ever wanted to add ‘Pop Legend’ to your resume, this new app might just be the thing you’ve been looking for. Triller helps users create and star in their own music videos without the need for any editing skills. To get started, users choose a song from the app’s library or their own collection. Then, you record a few takes, which the app automatically edits together in an algorithm that professional editors use. The best part?

The app developer is none other than Disney’s Frozen Karaoke app, so you know it’s bound to be professional – and highly addictive! You can download Triller here.

You won’t believe this crazy stylus that senses texture to create 3D files

In a departure from Steve Jobs’ preference for fingers over styluses, Apple has patented an unbelievable stylus that can detect and react to different textures and create 3D images. Using haptic feedback, the stylus can mimic the experience of drawing with a real writing implement on whatever surface the user chooses, including wood, paper, glass and fabric. The patent suggests that the stylus could do this by using contact, capacitative and pressure sensors that can determine the texture of the digital surface and provide a relevant output. While this stylus isn’t yet a reality, it will eventually provide a revolutionary, new tool for 3D modelers and other digital artists.


Website of the Week

Room service? Yes, I’d like one pair of jeans, please

Got a late night craving for denim? If so, you might just be in luck. In partnership with Virgin Hotel Chicago, Gap is allowing customers to order merchandise directly to their rooms. The web service was created to give choice to travellers regretting the clothes they’ve packed, or that might not have anticipated the weather at their destination.

The process is simple. Customers use Gap’s Reserve In Store online portal to select the clothing they want, which is then delivered to their hotel room by Virgin Hotel staff. Suddenly the fear of being caught overseas without your suitcase seems a lot less concerning – and a lot more fashionable.

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