Rrr-race your favourite car using just sounds from your mouth

What Next?

Welcome to the bizarre hotel run entirely by robots

If you’ve ever wondered what a holiday in The Jetsons might look like, a new hotel might be about as close as you’re ever going to get. Last Friday, the first robot operated hotel opened its doors in Japan, boasting a dinosaur receptionist, a tulip-shaped maintenance worker, and a giant, robotic arm as a bellhop, among other robotic staff. But that’s not all – guests check-in via facial recognition technology, and the climate of each room is controlled by measuring the guest’s body temperature and adjusting accordingly. If a human-free vacation sounds appealing, Henn-na Hotel might just be your ideal getaway.

Viral Video of the Week

Watch this supermodel lay down the best beatboxing you’ve ever heard

Actor, model, singer, and now beatboxer – what can’t Cara Delevingne do? As part of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Delevingne decided to show off the full range of her musical talents, laying down a seriously impressive a cappella beat. The best part? She’s so convincing that a member of the show’s band decides to rap in time. You can view the impromptu performance in all its glory below:

TV Ratings

The Voice tops the charts with another ratings win

National Free to Air Station Audience
The Voice – Mon Ch 9 1,678,000
The Voice – Tue Ch 9 1,595,000
The Voice – Sun Ch 9 1,538,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,397,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,304,000
Masterchef Australia – Wed Ch 10 1,237,000
Masterchef Australia – Thurs Ch 10 1,186,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,140,000
Nine News 6:30 – Mon Ch 9 1,105,000
Masterchef Australia – Tue Ch 10 1,085,000
13/07/15 – 19/07/15

This unbelievable prosthetic arm lets kids create their own limbs with Lego

For decades, Lego has been bringing children’s dreams of castles, megamachines and faraway lands to fruition – and now they can add prosthetic limbs to that list, too. A designer from IKO Creative Prosthetic Systems has developed a prosthetic arm that can be constructed entirely out of Lego to suit disabled children’s needs. Using myoelectric sensors that track movement in the upper arm, the prosthetic sends signals to its motor, telling it how to the move the arm or any of the Lego attachments fixed to the end. The incredible technological breakthrough can be seen in greater detail below:

App of the Week

Finding your lost furry friend just got easier with facial recognition for pets

Like any doting mum or dad, pet owners would tell you that they could pick their furry friend’s face out of a crowd. An enterprising new app, Finding Rover, uses that notion to find lost animals with its pet facial recognition technology. Users simply upload a photo of their cat or dog, which is then used in case their pet goes missing in the future. The app boasts an interactive map of lost-and-found posters and sends push notifications if a dog is lost or found within a five mile radius. You can download Finding Rover here.

The world’s first drone delivery service is here, and what it’s achieving is mindblowing

Following the lead of Amazon Prime Air, it was inevitable that drone delivery would become increasingly prevalent in commercial settings. The U.S. government has embraced the technology, approving a plan this week to deliver medical supplies to rural health clinics via drone. The drone, made by Australia manufacturer, Flirtey, successfully transported 4.5kg of medical supplies to a clinic which is hard to reach by ground vehicles. This revolutionary discovery is being hailed as evidence that drones can be used in delivery scenarios in future, and will most likely see increasing support in other developed nations for a variety of purposes.

Website of the Week

Rrr-race your favourite car using just sounds from your mouth

Much to the excitement of your inner child, VW has released a first-of-its-kind campaign that allows web browsers to virtually drive a car using just the sound of their voice. Unleash Your Rrrr analyses the user’s unique vocal pitch to develop a customised, shareable film of a Golf R drifting, braking and performing other stunts in sync with their voice. You can try your best Mark Skaife impression here.

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