This bar can get you drunk without a drink ever touching your lips

If you’re still physically drinking alcohol, you’re doing it wrong, says U.K. studio, Bompas & Parr. The food design company is opening “Alcoholic Architecture” – a bar that is filled entirely with alcoholic mist – in London at the end of this month. While inside the room, attendees absorb alcohol through their mucous membranes, lungs and eyes. Through research with respiratory scientists, Bompas & Parr have worked out that just 40 minutes spent in the room is the equivalent of consuming one standard drink. The innovative concept might very well just herald the end of a night out as we know it.

App of the Week

Take selfies with Vader and swing lightsabers in the Star Wars app

If you consider yourself somewhat of a Jedi master, Disney’s new Star Wars app will put your skills to the test. Users can battle their way through an augmented reality lightsaber game, take selfies with characters and backgrounds from classic Star Wars locations, and even check out local weather in Star Wars context. And of course, there’s a countdown to the release of the next movie in the franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

TV Ratings

State of Origin decider awards Nine a win in the ratings

National Free to Air Station Audience
State of Origin Decider Match Ch 9 2,214,000
The Voice – Sun Ch 9 1,821,000
The Voice – Mon Ch 9 1,567,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,487,000
The Voice – Tue Ch 9 1,444,000
State Of Origin Decider Pre Match Ch 9 1,397,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,367,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,262,000
Nine News – Tue Ch 9 1,234,000
Nine News – Tue Ch 9 1,222,000
06/07/15 – 12/07/15

This ‘super-brain’ could lead to humans communicating by telepathy in the future

If you thought telepathy – that is, two people communicating solely by thought – was purely the stuff of science fiction, think again. In a new report published in Nature, scientists have successfully linked the brains of multiple rats into one super-brain that can do some pretty incredible things. When rewarded for completing complex tasks as one brain, the rats thought as one a staggering 61 percent of the time. The possibilities of this technology for humanity are endless. In the future, we might just see humans linked into a collective intelligence pool, with all knowledge in the world available with a simple thought.

Viral Video of the Week

DJ trolls entire nightclub with the best/worst drop of all time

If you thought getting Rickrolled was bad enough, this DJ takes musical trolling to another level. Local Brisbane DJ, Mashd N Kutcher, disappointed thousands of club-goers at The Met recently by inserting Spandau Ballet’s hit single, True, into the climax of an electronic dance song. While this isn’t the first time that a musician’s trolled a crowd, the collective groan of thousands definitely makes it one of the most entertaining. Take a look at the hilarious video below:

You won’t believe what Dubai’s next architectural miracle is

With 3-D printed houses already a reality, it was inevitable that commercial spaces would be next in line. Dubai’s Museum of the Future has taken up this challenge, announcing that it will be constructing the world’s first offices made and furnished entirely of 3-D printed components. The building will be constructed using a 20-foot tall 3-D printer on-site, and will occupy 2,000 square feet. Current estimates suggest that 3-D printing components will reduce the standard construction time by 50-70%, and reduce labour costs by 50-80%.

Website of the Week

Do you know YouTube from A to Z?

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, YouTube has released a quirky little website to test viewers’ knowledge of its best loved videos from the last decade. Part-nostalgia trip, part-interactive game, the A-Z of YouTube connects users with videos they’ve forgotten about in a creative, fun way. If you like to think of yourself as a YouTube aficionado, take a look at it here and see if you can bring home the gold medal in pop culture.

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