The wait is over – invisible vehicles are finally a reality.

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The wait is over – invisible vehicles are finally a reality.

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a large truck on a highway, you’ll be familiar with the dilemma many drivers face every day: overtake, or remain behind and be safe? Samsung has taken out the guesswork for road users with its new Transparentius concept, which connects a camera on the front of trucks to a large video display on the back, allowing motorists to overtake safely. The revolutionary concept is expected to save countless lives and change the way we think about driving.

Viral Video of the Week

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger terminate fans with wax prank

After stints as the Governor of California, a bodybuilding champion and Hollywood superstar, what’s left to do? Become a real-life wax figurine, of course. To raise money for his charity, After-School All-Stars, and to promote new film, Terminator Genisys, Arnold Schwarzenegger partnered with Madame Tussauds wax museum to prank unaware visitors. Take a look at the hilarious video below.

TV Ratings

State of Origin II brings it home in the ratings

National Free to Air Station Audience
State of Origin 2nd Match – Wed Ch 9 2,502,000
State of Origin 2nd Pre Match – Wed Ch 9 1,560,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,380,000
Nine News – Tues Ch 9 1,241,000
Masterchef – Sun Ch 10 1,215,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,201,000
Nine News – Wed Ch 9 1,170,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,148,000
Nine News – Wed Ch 9 1,147,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,141,000
15/06/15 – 21/06/15


You won’t believe what essential service Denmark is planning to abandon by 2016

While many nations are already on-board in some capacity with paperless transactions, Denmark plans to be completely cashless by 2016. In a move that signals the gathering momentum of the digital movement, this will make Denmark the first country worldwide to entirely abandon paper money. While the statement won’t impact the lives of Scandinavians significantly, using cash for less than 6 percent of their payments, it’s guaranteed to act as a catalyst for other nations to follow suit.

App of the Week

Meet the smart oven that knows how to cook everything perfectly

The world’s greatest technological minds behind the iPhone, Apple Watch, GoPro and FitBit have combined forces to bring to life the world’s first smart oven. June is controlled remotely by an app which allows the user to watch their food cook via livestream if they need to leave the room, adjust the temperature remotely, and receive notifications when food is done. The oven itself is a technological marvel, boasting Wi-Fi connectivity, an in-built digital scale, and its own “brain” composed of Nvidia processors and a HD digital camera that, in combination, can instantly recognise whatever food’s put inside it and gauge how to cook it perfectly. Move over, Thermomix – there’s a new sheriff in town.

The world’s first downloadable car has to be seen to be believed

You wouldn’t steal a car – but you would download one. And now you can. Carmaker, Ford, has become the first company to release digital files of its cars, so consumers can quite literally 3D print their favourite Ford from home in any size and material. Currently, users can purchase from a library of over 1000 cars, with the catalogue constantly growing. And while customers must agree not to use the items commercially, the future of driveable, 3D-printed cars seems not quite as far, far away.

Website of the Week

See what’s really lurking beneath the waves with Google Ocean

Ever wondered if abandoned shipwrecks, secret grottos, or Moby Dick himself might be just a stone’s throw away at your local beach? Wonder no more with Google Ocean Street View. The latest addition to Google’s extensive portfolio lets users scope out their next holiday destination or visit their local waters from the comfort of their home without getting wet. And with more than 40 destinations on offer, why wouldn’t you? Take a look at it here and lose yourself in Google’s most visually stunning offering yet.

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