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How to put some muscle in your media

Powerade has nailed it with their series of interactive workout billboards. Designs include a rotating rock wall, a punching meter and a pulldown bar – all to inspire folks to break a sweat instead of walking straight past the advertisement. People who participated and gave the billboard a try would also get some free Powerade to help replenish their electrolytes. Check it out:

Viral video of the week

Scientifically confirmed: Beyoncé is always on beat

A week or so ago the internet did what the internet does best, went mad over Beyoncé and her incredible ability to always be on beat – no matter what tune. Jumping on the #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat bandwagon, Good Friend Podcast decided it was time a Single Ladies/DuckTales Theme mash up needed to happen. The result; priceless (and over 1 million views in under a week).

tv ratings

Did the QLD win translate in the ratings?

National Free to Air Station Audience
State Of Origin – Match Ch 9 2,343,000
State Of Origin – Pre Match Ch 9 1,589,000
Seven News-Sun Ch 7 1,433,000
Nine News-Sun Ch 9 1,265,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,250,000
A Current Affair-Wed Ch 9 1,197,000
Married At First Sight-Mon Ch 9 1,180,000
Masterchef Australia-Mon Ch 10 1,177,000
Masterchef Australia-Tues Ch 10 1,145,000
Nine News-Mon Ch 9 1,142,000
25/05/15 – 31/05/15

Is this sketchpad really made out of skin?

Tattoo Art Magazine wants aspiring tattoo artists to hone their craft, and in order to do so, ample amount of practice is essential. The Skin Book is a notebook that features pages of artificial skin, not only to help make practice feel authentic, but to make possible mistakes less “regratful”. This ingenious idea serves as the perfect canvas without anything permanent. To make practice even more authentic, the pages in the book feature different body parts meaning novice inkers no longer have to practice on animals, oranges or their friends.

App of the week

More magic coming to Disney

Walt Disney Co. is forging ahead with expanding its MyMagic+ program, which currently consists of app and wearable technology. Presently, it allows Walt Disney World visitors to unlock their hotel rooms, pay for food and merchandise, make dinner reservations and access ride wait times – taking customised service to the extreme. It’s likely the expansion will see the app on new products like the Apple Watch, with Chief Operating Officer Tom Staggs attributing the use of the technology to the parks’ recent growth.

Somebody has stolen this billboard

A new home insurance campaign from Allianz has highlighted the risk of leaving your windows open by unlocking their own billboard windows and removing the paper from within the display. The billboards were strategically placed in Istanbul neighbourhoods with high home theft rates to create awareness of this risk. Very clever.

Website of the week

Facebook answered your prayers, now supports GIFs

Facebook has added GIF support to your news feed, so prepare yourself for a plethora of animated reactions. Just paste a GIF URL into your status update or comment and voilà, you will have yourself a merry little animation. Don’t worry, the GIF will eventually stop instead of endlessly looping and whilst the function does not work for brand pages yet, plans are in place for this to occur in the near future.


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