Did you know aging could be this beautiful?

What Next?

Will customisable commercials become a thing?

In this age of shorter attention spans, brands are coming up with new and creative ways to keep us watching. Volkswagen has created an ad where the length of the video can be cut short by the viewer depending on how much time they want to watch it for, yet still make sense, no matter how short. The customisable ad, made for VW Trucks, reinforces the made-to-measure nature of the vehicles. It’s a tricky concept best experienced in person, so check it out here.

Viral Video of the Week

Did you know aging could be this beautiful?

Cut Video and Field Day gave engaged couple Kristie and Tavis a chance to peek into their futures by transforming them  from attractive 20-somethings into 90-year-olds. The transformation is amazing, but it’s the couple’s reactions that really hit home in the video (that has already clocked over 6 million views!).

TV Ratings

Has Catching Milat saved the day for Seven?

National Free to Air Station Audience
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,450,000
Catching Milat – Sun Ch 7 1,387,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,265,000
Masterchef – Tues Ch 10 1,212,000
Nine News – Wed Ch 9 1,177,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,164,000
Nine News – Tues Ch 9 1,162,000
House Rules – Reveal – Sun Ch 7 1,154,000
Seven News – Wed Ch 7 1,151,000
Seven News – Mon Ch 7 1,116,000
11/05 – 17/05

Would you watch paint dry?

Over on Two Cents we’ve mused about whether Periscope and similar live video streaming apps have potential as important marketing tools, or are simply a social media fad. A number of well-known brands have jumped on the bandwagon to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at their products, but here’s something a little different. In a nod to the sometimes banal content viewable on Periscope, American paint brand Glidden recently used the app to show the world a man painting a wall. People who caught wind of the stunt were encouraged to tune in and then tweet using the hashtag #WatchingPaintDry, for a free paint reward.

App of the Week

O Wi-Fi, where art thou?

If you’re prone to bill shock from data roaming whilst travelling overseas, Wifimapper provides a database of over 2 million free Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe. Once downloaded, the app will display the closest free Wi-Fi hotspots, including whether time limits or registration details are required. The app also includes a feedback mechanism for users to provide updated information on hotspot details. You can download the app (currently for iOS only) at the App Store.

Why is KFC making fun of the #RichKidsOfInstagram?

Here’s a fun campaign from KFC in Romania, who parodied/trolled the #RichKidsOfInstragram with their very own #LittleMoneyBigFun hashtag campaign. Powered by a site that gave Romanians the opportunity to upload their own “Rich Kid” style pics, it made global headlines and boosted sales by 21%. Very, very cool.

Website of the week

What would your name be today?

Time has produced an interactive that illustrates the most popular baby names for every decade since 1890. Users can input their name, birth year and gender to find out their potential name if they had been born in a different decade, based on baby name trends at the time. Data behind the interactive was sourced from the United States Social Security website.  If you’re intrigued, you can find out what your name could have been if you were born today at the Time website.

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