Why is there a GPS system in your beer?

Heineken has built on its reputation for inventive promotions with their latest campaign, Bottle With A Mission. The Dutch company placed custom-made beer bottles equipped with a built-in GPS system and compass-like cap in random public locations throughout Amsterdam. Curious tourists and locals who picked up the bottles may have been disappointed initially to find them devoid of liquid, but were soon led to the Heineken Experience Brewery. Thankfully, much fanfare, and presumably beer, awaited their arrival.

Viral video of the week

It’s never easy being green

Who knew Justin Timberlake had his own tequila brand? Well, quite a few more people now, thanks to this hilarious ad that’s going viral. Starring JT himself, in prosthetics and green make-up, it tells the story of a once in-demand, now washed-up lime whose services are no longer required…

tv ratings

Just how big was the MKR final?

National Free to Air Station Audience
My Kitchen Rules-Winner Announced Ch 7 2,123,000
My Kitchen Rules-Grand Final Ch 7 2,084,000
Masterchef Launch – Tues Ch 10 1,231,000
Nine News – Sun Ch 9 1,194,000
Seven News – Sun Ch 7 1,154,000
Masterchef – Sun Ch 10 1,146,000
Nine News – Mon Ch 9 1,118,000
Seven News – Mon Ch 7 1,100,000
Nine News – Wed Ch 9 1,099,000
Seven News – Sat Ch 7 1,092,000
04/05/15 – 10/05/15

How can Wi-Fi access prevent skin cancer?

Shadow Wi-Fi has been launched on a Peruvian beach which provides beach lovers with free internet access – but only in the shade. This skin cancer awareness campaign aims to promote sun avoidance during high UV periods by delivering internet access in shady areas provided by the Shadow Wi-Fi structure. The sun’s movement is tracked by sensors throughout the day and changes the Wi-Fi access areas – so when the shade areas change, Wi-Fi users need to move to remain connected.

App of the week

Learn to play the piano without the practice

Maybe you weren’t allowed to take piano lessons as a kid. Or maybe you were, but you never practised like you were supposed to. Either way, you’ll have the last laugh now! Touch Pianist is a free app available on both iPhone and web which allows you to emulate the greats (choose from Beethoven, Chopin and more) – all you need to do is tap away at your keyboard or touch screen with the right timing. You’ll feel like a maestro, even if all you’re doing is sitting in front of a computer poking your keyboard.

This will make you want to stop smoking forever

Find it hard to quit smoking? Well the Thai Health Promotion Foundation has come up with a thought provoking campaign that might convince smokers to stop the habit cold turkey! The ‘Message From The Lungs’ promotion uses black ink extracted from the tar that occurs in a smokers’ breathing organs.  The ink was used to create a number of ads, with bottles distributed throughout Thailand to raise awareness. The campaign has proven to be effective, with a large spike in smokers applying for the foundations’ quit smoking program.

website of the week

Have the Kardashians been kancelled?

Stop the presses: someone has actually been driven to de-Kardashian the Internet. Viva la revolución! #KardBlock is a browser extension which basically does what it says on the tin: purges your newsfeed of all mentions of the Family-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In response to what some might say has been an increase in ‘empty-calorie’ infotainment in recent years, KardBlock seeks to return the focus to substantive and meaningful news. Rumour has it that a Bieber version is also in the works…

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